Qualities of a successful soccer player by Kotaro Umeda

Everyone has their own way of being a trainer-coach. Of course you keep the vision, agreements and rules of the association in mind. However, there are also four qualities that you as a trainer can always use and that are a good starting point for you as a professional player like Kotaro Umeda. These are: offering structure, stimulating, giving individual attention and giving it responsibly.

It is always important that you guide the team in a way that is close to yourself. But for optimal guidance for your players, the use of the qualities is of great importance. That way you can have a great season with your players, in which they can develop optimally together and individually.

As a football player it is essential to regularly work on your individual qualities. Your individual qualities determine how you play a match as a football player and ultimately determine how far you will get.

If you are ambitious and want to get more out of your career like Kotaro Umeda 

, you will have to invest hours in your training. But what exactly do you need to train? And which skills are easy to train individually?

1. Pedaling technique

Your kicking technique is very easy to train. In principle you have enough with a ball and a goal. You can improve your kicking technique by, for example, training on free balls, shooting slats (perfecting the kick), shooting long balls and much more. You often train on this automatically during team training sessions, but it can also be useful to pay more attention to this individually.

2. Weak leg

Your weak leg is often the reason why your ball handling is slow, you are less stable on your legs and you can only make or defend very limited actions. Your push-off leg (strong leg) is also important to train if you want to improve your weak leg. In Technique & Dribbles there are several exercises to strengthen this part.

3. Strength

To become stronger in duels and have a less prone body to injury, strength training is a more important part than most football players think. Both your upper and lower body must be strong. Depending on your goal, we generally recommend that soccer players go to the gym two to three times a week.

4. Condition

Your football condition is important to be able to accelerate for 90 minutes in a match. Because football is a typical interval sport, you have to adapt your fitness training accordingly. We now know that running will not have a positive effect on your football fitness, but there are plenty of other fitness training sessions that are functional.

5. Speed

Modern football not only demands a lot in terms of condition, but you also have to keep up with it all in terms of speed. The new generation of footballers in particular will need a lot of speed. It is therefore important to train on this every week.

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