Quick Tip Guide For Beginner Golfers

As a new golfer its very difficult to know where to begin, you can watch all the videos on how to improve your swing online. Trawl through the internet and watch all the professional golf on tv and still have no clue where to begin.  Well, we have put together a small guide to help you get started on your golfing journey.

Firstly, a mistake that a lot of people make even experienced golfers. This is to much practice on the driving range. Don’t get me wrong the driving range is great to go and whack a few balls and work on your swing style but nothing beats the real thing.

Getting yourself out on the golf course is the best way to practice. This way you get to utilise all the shots and must deal with on course scenarios such as hitting a ball on a slope or hitting out of a bunker. Nothing can prepare you for that.

Getting out on the golf course is definitely the best way to up your game and really get going with golf.

Secondly is Golf Equipment selection. Sometimes you can get caught up in all the sales tactics of these big companies and end up spending way more than you should on your first set of clubs. Luckily, we have got a list of The Best Beginner Golf Club Sets which don’t break the bank and offer you all you need to get started in golf.

All you need is a Driver, some sort of Wood, a set of irons, a Putter and some golf balls and you are on your way. You do not need to start spending money on these next level wedges or hybrids now. Stick with these clubs and get as good as you can with them. Also using the right Golf balls As A Beginner will make a slight difference.

Thirdly, focus on your short game. A lot of beginners want to be able to hit a driver 200 yards with ease. This is great but where you can make a big difference to your game is your short game.

Working on your putting and your chipping will make a big difference to your game. Keep practicing and before you know it you will be knocking strokes of your round.

Number 4. Work on your tempo and timing of your golf stroke before you start looking at increasing your swing speed. This will make a big difference to your shots, keep it smooth and you will start to notice you can hit the ball just as far with a smooth strike as much as you can with a fast stroke.

Lastly, we would recommend getting lessons as soon as possible. You can easily get into bad habits that later on in your game will be hard to get rid of. So, if you can pay for the lessons and really want to excel in your game of golf then they will help you no end. Having a professional teach you can give you more information in 1 hour than you get in a few months of playing golf.

So there you have it our quick guide for beginner golfers.

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