Reasons Why You Need a Tag System

In the age of technology why not have a digital TAG system? For a golf course, advertising an up to date, efficient fleet management system in place can draw more customers. The ease of use, access and other features that enhance the golfing experience can be appealing especially for the tech savvy. What can a TAG system do for you?

  • TAG Systems can allow you to have full pace of play management
  • You can have a full line of sight of all the golf carts that make up your fleet, track them and ensure they are in working condition
  • Course staff can also monitor the use of the golf carts and keep track of the activity of the carts and their impact on the general flow of the day’s pace and alert players if they are causing any obstructions
  • This level of tracking also alerts the staff of any theft or vandalism of the golf carts
  • Premium features such as being able to order food and beverage while out on the playing course is a convenient feature that customers will benefit from
  • TAG systems can allow geofencing to be managed to set up. Geo fencing can alert golfers to stay away from certain zones that may be unfit to play in, damaged or under repair or maintenance
  • Players can monitor their own movements and be able to track how their pace is going and prompt them to adjust their movements to be considerate to others.

Why choose the Vantage Tag Golf Control Unit?

The TAG Golf Control unit has various pieces of equipment from the most basic GPS golf cart system to more sophisticated features like those found in the TAG Infinity.  So why should you choose Vantage Tag Systems?

The TAG, TAG Text and TAG Infinity all provide the following features:

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  • Real time tracking
  • Geofence cart lockdown
  • Scheduled cart lockdown
  • Cart trail history
  • Pace tracking
  • Automated pin placement
  • Designed to fit any budget

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In addition to these fleet management features; the Tag Golf Control Unit also has a system that is modular which allows you to decide which hardware suits your needs and your budget the best. It has smart power which doesn’t drain your cart battery and you are privy to unlimited software updates with a lifetime warranty. This makes it easy to use, customize and get the best performance out of every available TAG product option.

In terms of communication, the TAG devices allow messaging and alerts to the player from the staff. Both the TAG Text and TAG Infinity have on screen pace monitoring and distance to green. Two-way messaging is only available in the TAG Infinity package.

The TAG Infinity model also has a wider range of features to make the golfing experience much more enhanced with more technological advantages. The full golfer experience includes:

  • Bluetooth
  • Bright high-resolution display
  • Video Advertising
  • 3D flyovers
  • Shot marking
  • Distance to pin
  • Distance to hazards
  • Pro tips
  • Food and beverage ordering
  • Individual scoring
  • Tournament scoring
  • Cart look-ahead
  • Marshal mode

Why is Vantage Tag Golf Control Unit The #1 Back End Fleet Management System?

Vantage Tag systems are the top of the class. With many options available from easy to install devices to TAG ready GPS single rider golf carts, you can’t wrong. They’ve got every budget covered. So, what else can you expect from investing in TAG units from Vantage Tag?

Benefits for the golfer

First of all, their stream lined pace of play tracking erases a lot of guesswork while out on the greens. Pace of play management gives you the on demand and real time data that you need at your fingertips.

TAG units are also all web based and you can easily access the data on them from your laptop or smartphone. This is very convenient for the average player, as most people own an internet capable smartphone.

The smart battery capability is also a plus for both golfer and the course management staff. Design to only consume power to charge itself when the vehicle is being charged. This means that it does not drain your cart battery while out on a game.

The TAG Infinity unit allows for food and beverage to be ordered from anywhere on the field. This alone makes it a time saver for the average player so that they need not interrupt their play time to double back to the main building to purchase refreshments. Sending an order through the TAG control unit means that staff can facilitate the order, locate the position of the customer on the golf course and have a smooth and prompt delivery of the items.

Benefits for the course staff

TAG helps in reducing labor costs and makes running the course, maintenance and security that much easier to control. Tasks such as roping off areas, putting up signage, locating and returning carts to the home base, and other labor-intensive protocols are simplified with the use of a TAG system. The detailed reporting and data collection save time and helps staff to be more efficient at their jobs.

For overseeing tournaments, TAG Golf Control helps staff to have more control and real time information at their fingertips to run a smooth event. The staging lock or unlock capability, cart locations, score tracking and general information about what is happening on the course and ensure the safety of players and course equipment.

The modular nature of TAG allows course management to choose the features they want and can afford. Some may opt for the most straightforward and basic approach you get from TAG; others may want something more sophisticated like the TAG infinity or middle ground with the TAG Text. Smaller courses may see more benefits in the using the basic units while large courses with high end clients may prefer the full experience of the Infinity to cater to customers.

Experience a safe and secure day of golfing

TAG Golf Control units offer another level of security for both players and staff members. Staff members are able to track the movements of gps golf carts, alert players of any dangers or breaches and be able to remotely lock golf carts in the case of theft or misuse.

For players, having their golf game monitored means that they are being accounted for and can be given instructions to divert from unsafe zones if necessary. This can prevent any accidents or potential dangers. Their location is recorded in real time which means that in the case of an emergency, staff can send assistance to the exact location of the golf cart.

GPS monitoring systems also allow staff members to ensure that there are not delays, slow pace of play or bottleneck situations with cart traffic amongst golfers on the field.


TAG Golf Control units are a major boost to any golf course facility. They make managing golfers and golfing equipment much easier and leads to more productivity and efficient service. The lifetime warranty offered by Vantage Tag Systems is also a great incentive to go the GPS golf cart route because you can be assured of great customer service, troubleshooting and lifetime tech support to ensure that all your equipment is in the best working condition at all times. Reach out to Vantage Tag Systems where you can be advised on what is the best solution for your golf course and get on board with the TAG Golf Control Unit today.

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