Recommendations on medical marijuana policy to the Medical Council and the government

  1. There should be close control in the dispensing of cannabis extracts for treatment.
  2. Physicians must-know side effects and treatment guidelines when patients have problems with marijuana.
  3. Governments should support and fund research on the use of cannabis in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. This is because the long-term effects of marijuana in children are unclear. Therefore, it must be closely controlled, and it is necessary to further education.

You can also view the announcements. Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand No. 134/2562

Announced on 28 June 2019 regarding the use of medical marijuana Cannabis opinions and advice in children and adolescents. Cannabis contains components that negatively affect the nervous system that grows in children and adolescents. If used continuously long-lasting and addictive effects of delta9-THC.

Therefore, the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand has decided that marijuana and cannabis extracts should not be taken. Treatment of disease in children and adolescents Matches the American Academy of Pediatrics published last month.

Royal College of Psychiatrists of Thailand Indications

  1. There is no indication that It is recommended for cannabis extracts in all psychiatric disorders and may exacerbate psychiatric disorders.


  1. Do not use in children under the age of 18 and in the case of using THC cannabis extract in mentally ill patients.


  • Medical marijuana extract contains two essential substances, THC and CBD kaufen. used in currently, the proportion of these two active substances, THC is known to cause psychiatric problems, is not specified. Cannabis use causes cannabis abuse and dependence.
  • Harmful use of marijuana, such as marijuana, can cause psychotic symptoms. (cannabis-induced psychotic disorder) Cannabis causes cognitive impairment Cannabis causes inactivity and lack of enthusiasm (a motivational syndrome).
  • Side effects from cannabis in the elderly such as delirium, agitation, vertigo. (vertigo)


  1. Cannabis use in people at risk of mental illness, such as having a close relative with a mental illness.
  2. People who use drugs of various kinds
  3. Patients who are already using sedatives
  4. older adults and dementia patients with behavioral and emotional problems
  5. Children and youth secretly use cannabis extracts that their parents are using.

Policy recommendations

  1. The use of cannabis extracts should have production standards that are GMP.
  2. Drug labels must clearly describe the constituent substances and the proportions of THC and CBD kaufen.
  3. Use according to clear indications as evidenced by clear empirical medical academic evidence. by a doctor who passed training courses on the use of medical marijuana
  4. Systematic monitoring of adverse drug reactions arising from medical marijuana use.
  5. Encourage further quality research studies.
  6. Must control the advertising or promotion of cannabis extracts.
  7. There should be public relations and communication to make people have a correct understanding of the use of cannabis extracts.

There are two types of cannabis extracts that have been used for medicinal purposes: delta-9-

When it enters the brain, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) binds to cannabinoid receptors (CB), both CB1 and CB2, causing euphoria, relaxation, anxiety Feeling happy (sense of well being), but some people have anxiety.

Anxiety, staggering, a change in perception of the environment, such as ringing in the ears, hallucinations, or delusions (delusion) impaired memory, poor concentration, impaired decision-making. The second primary substance is cannabidiol (CBD kaufen), which has effects on it is less psychoactive, but it binds more to cannabinoid receptors of the CB2 type, which CB2 is more common in the immune system. (immune system) and peripheral nerves (peripheral nerves) antinociception control response of immunity and inflammatory reactions (cytokines) by reducing the activity of T-lymphocyte and reducing the secretion Several cytokines, such as Interferon-gamma or Interleukin-12, reduce inflammation around the nerve endings.

And reduce pain in the nervous system. From the mechanism of action of the cannabis above extract, it has been used to treat diseases from good quality empirical evidence found that Cannabis extract is effective in treating chronic pain, neuropathic pain, muscle spasticity from multiple sclerosis (spasticity associated) with multiple sclerosis) epilepsy in children Used as an anti-nausea medication Vomiting in cancer patients suffering from side effects chemotherapy increases appetite in AIDS patients with significant loss of muscle mass (significant muscle loss). Still, cannabis extracts do not have sufficient empirical evidence to confirm their efficacy in treating psychiatric disorders. On the other hand, it may hurt disease progressi.

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