Review of Project CARS 3. Soap Realism

First of all, the F95zone developers decided to get rid of unnecessary husks. The rally modes, F1 and, oddly enough, the damage model went under the knife. With the first two, everything is clear: the game still was not able to compete with Dirt Rally and F1 on their field. There is, of course, a tournament for an off-road vehicle (yes, just one) or an entire championship for the Lotus racing team from the sixties, but all this is nothing more than a way to distract from serious racing for a moment.


But what the developers did not like one of the best damage systems in auto racing is not clear. Perhaps we just badly tried to crash the cars (and at different difficulties), but the damage was felt only cosmetically. And there is nothing like this in the settings. Weird. Because of this, by the way, the atmosphere suffered: now you can fly into the crowd of rivals passing the turn, and instead of a spectacular crash, get an approving remark from the assistant. Like: “Such a fellow, such a technique, how beautifully you walked around them!” Yes, you can earn a fine, for a while, becoming transparent and very slow, but they are reluctant to pass off for such behavior. Much more often you get it for a regular cut. In general, what happened to the damage model is a mystery.

All of this makes the game feel a little more compact, but don’t think there is little content now. It’s still more than enough. There are a lot of cars. This, of course, is not a collection of all the slightest known cars in the world as in Forza Horizon 4 , but choose exactly from which there is. There are classics in the form of the Ferrari Berlinetta 260 GT, and modern cars suitable for the road, such as the Honda Civic Type R, and many racing modifications of famous models like the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Most of the tracks are well known to us and superbly worked out. And that’s great. After all, many of those who buy this game, and without it, are well aware of all the twists and turns of Brands Hatch and Laguna Seca. On the other hand, there are also simply scenic routes through the streets of Havana or the hills of Tuscany. Moreover, as a person living in Tuscany, the author of these lines can easily imagine this track somewhere near Florence. Italy turned out to be exactly what it is in real life. The same can be said about serious racing tracks.

So, once we were on the famous track in Imola. The same one where Ayrton Senna crashed in 1994. And she looks in the game exactly the same as in real life. Even the ugly high-rise building near the stands hasn’t changed a bit. There are also quite a few tracks in total. In a word, here the developers have clearly tried their best.

As an example, we can cite a regime when you not only need to meet the allotted time, but also make sure that the average time for three laps does not exceed a certain value. Need to just speed up all three? It was not so! Any oversight, such as touching the side or driving onto the ground, will instantly cancel the result of the whole circle and you will probably have to drive from the very beginning. In general, it is impossible to show the lap time by crashing somewhere, so soon you start driving incredibly accurately. Of course, you will have to fight not only with time, but also with opponents, the track, weather conditions and your own car. This, in fact, is the salt.

The ride is very interesting. Physics may not be super realistic, but definitely enjoyable. This, it seems, is generally one of the rare examples where cars simultaneously behave realistically, but also do not break into a skid from any gust of wind (unless, of course, you are trying to drive a muscle car from the sixties). And they differ significantly from each other in behavior. Moreover, it is curious that the developers have provided for many situations that racers regularly encounter in real life, but which are very rarely reflected in car simulators. For example, if you are driving behind a car that has just been on the ground, then there is a great chance that particles of dirt from under its wheels will affect you as well. Or how do you like, say, the fact that in rainy weather, puddles will appear in the lowlands, creating the effect of a water cushion? It’s only a pity Huniepop 2 are completely invisible.

A career is a banal set of races in different classes and with different conditions. Somewhere you have to move in the slipstream, somewhere you just need to win, and somewhere you have to cleanly pass the route. We are moving up the class of cars, opening more and more new challenges. Cars can be bought or tuned in the best Boku no Pico traditions . Here we just put better details, and the rating of the car is gradually increasing. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the car will move to another class, and you will not be allowed to race the current one. However, unnecessary parts can simply be put in a warehouse until better times. Thus, one car can be driven in different classes, achieving maximum performance in each.


Even in Photo Mode, the default camera shamefully imposes some incredible amount of “bloor” on everything except your car. The picture is sometimes so pixelated that it is impossible to see the instrument readings from the cockpit (if you suddenly turn off the interface during a race, which is more than justified here). The rain illuminated by the headlights turns into some formless blots. In general, it makes sense to take screenshots only in the photo mode, because a static picture is at least somehow calculated by the game. Yes, we understand that it is much easier to achieve beautiful graphics in exclusives like Gran Turismo: Sport than in multiplatforms, but what we see here is already overkill. In addition, the game often contains graphical bugs, which are also not very pleasant to observe.

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