Risks of sitting excessively

The modern lifestyle of individuals is intended to give an easy and comfortable life. Regardless of whether it is studying in classes, working in an office, or driving a vehicle, the greater part of these activities is performed in a sitting position. Even though it utilizes less energy from your body, excessive sitting habits can badly affect your wellbeing.

Researchers have suggested that sitting for an extended period during a day builds the odds of developing serious medical problems like heart infections, type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. But if you don’t carry on with an inactive lifestyle, you would have good chances of staying healthy.

Adverse consequences of excessive sitting on your body:

Sitting is a common body posture where individuals ordinarily go through their day. Over 50% of one’s lifespan significantly goes in a seated position. An average salaried employee spends over 12 hours in a sitting position each day, whereas a farmer goes through as long as 3 hours out of every day.

A human body is created to stand straight. When an individual is physically active, different functions of various organs work properly, which improve your perseverance, bone strength, and energy levels of your body. Nonetheless, carrying on with a sedentary life can contrarily affect your body internally as well as externally. If appropriate steps are not followed, it can shorten your life. Steady sitting can have a dangerous impact on your muscles and it could cause muscle soreness or fatigue which could later result in extreme pain, so it’s always recommended to use a cordless back massager. It’s quick, simple and effective. All you have to do is to get a massager and massage your pain areas. A massage gun like Exogun DreamPro would be great to be used as a cordless back massager. One of the most significant advantages Exogun offers is that it has four types of heads to cater the different massaging requirements. Here are some harmful impacts of sitting excessively:

  • Hoist the odds of being overweight:

Sitting or other sedentary behaviours use less energy than strolling or standing positions. In absence of non-practice exercises like standing, walking, or moving, the body burns fewer calories in a sitting position, which is an ultimate cause of putting on weight. Prolonged sitting hours expand the odds of obesity in an individual that can additionally lead to other chronic medical issues.

  • A significant reason for serious health diseases:

An inactive standard of living of an individual is a major cause of creating more than 30 chronic ailments and illnesses, which significantly incorporates a 147% risk rate of heart infections and 112% possibility of creating type 2 diabetes. Several studies have portrayed that sitting for a long time or walking under 1500 steps in a day with a minimum reduction of calories can build the insulin resistance process in a body, leading to type 2 diabetes. Additionally, you also get inclined to different kinds of cancer which comprise uterine, lung, and colon cancers.

Sitting habits don’t just influence your actual wellbeing, however, they genuinely affect your emotional wellness too. Unreasonable sitting has higher odds of developing anxiety and depression in individuals that can genuinely influence their way of life with pessimism.

  • Severely affects your body parts:

Sitting constantly for quite a while can debilitate your gluteal and leg muscles, which are liable for standing straight and strolling. It would prompt extreme strains and falls when they lose energy to settle your moving body. Excessive sitting abbreviates the muscles of the hip flexor, which can bring about hip joint issues. Additionally, sitting with poor posture instigate chronic health of your spine, which can prompt some critical health problems, leaving no 안전놀이터 in your life.

Practicing sedentary activities can also produce pain and stiffness in your shoulders and neck that can cause you to feel tired for an entire day.

  • Result in early death:

Studies have demonstrated that if an individual is living a sedentary lifestyle, there is a high possibility that he/she might suffer an early demise. Inactive individuals have a 22% to 49% higher danger of unexpected death. Therefore, it is essential to move around to lift your life expectancy.


Although a comfortable life is consoling, it might cost you some price. To achieve long and healthy life, it is essential to stand for a while when working or going for short strolls in a day to keep away from the above-mentioned medical problems.

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