SBOBet vs. M8Bet: Which Do You Prefer?

Since the start of the 21st century, punters have access to several online betting sportsbooks. Ever since, punters have better and newly improved betting options with multiple gaming features, better access, payment options, bonuses and promotions, odds margins, and much more. 

However, choosing the right sportsbook can be an arduous task. Today, we look at two of Asia’s leading sportsbooks SBOBet and M8Bet, which should be a punter’s ideal preference. 


SBOBet is a bookmaker operating online in Asia and Europe. The online bookmaker is licensed and registered in the Isle of Man and the Philippines. Punters can make wagers on all online sporting events such as soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, the Olympics, and more. 

Besides online sports betting, punters can also make wagers on online games, racing, poker, casino games, and other betting options. SBOBet is also the official sponsor for several top-tier football clubs such as Leeds, Southampton, Cardiff, and Westham, to name a few. 


M8Bet is an online bookmaker operating in Asia and caters to a global client base. The bookmaker is registered in the Philippines, and members have access to multiple gaming and betting options, including sports betting, soccer betting, golf betting, casino games online, slot games online, lottery betting, live Asian casino dealers, etc. M8Bet offers members regular rewards, offers, bonuses, and rebates.

SBOBet vs. M8Bet

The main differences between the two providers include:

  1. Access – SBOBet does not take bets from countries where betting isn’t legal yet. Members in Europe and partly in Asia have access to SBOBet and its entire offerings. M8Bet accepts wagers made by members across the globe. The sportsbook caters to an Asian betting audience, and anyone can access the platform.
  2. Registration – The location of a sportsbook’s registered office helps give a punter an idea of the governing laws and regulations. It also helps establish trust and clarity with members and users. SBOBet is registered in the Philippines under the Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation (PAGC) in Asia and the Isle of Man in Europe. Celton Manx Limited is the parent company of SBOBet with a majority controlling stake in the sportsbook. M8Bet is registered in the Philippines to operate in Asia. 
  3. Payments – Accepted payments and currency withdrawals are an essential component in determining which sportsbook to choose. Timely payments are another factor punters need to look at to access winnings quickly. SBOBet accepts payments such as EcoPayz, Ecobankq, net banking for most international banks, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and more. Payments made on the platform are processed within 24 hours. M8Bet accepts payments from several banks and net banking facilities for banks across Asia such as HSBC, Citibank, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, and more. The platform also accepts payments made in bitcoin and has one of the fastest payment processing capabilities. 
  4. Odds margin – Different sportsbooks offer different margins on various sporting events. Punters must compare and identify with which sportsbook they are likely to make a higher profit for the very same bet. SBOBet provides different odds for several sporting events such as Esports, virtual sports, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, American football, racing, and keno. On the other hand, M8Bet provides the best odds margins among different sportsbooks, which means a punter stands to win more with the M8Bet sportsbook. 
  5. Bonuses and promotions – Bonuses, promotions, rebates, and offers are an integral part of online betting and can be the difference between choosing one sportsbook over the other. The frequency of recurring bonuses is another essential factor to consider depending on how often a punter makes a wager. Members of SBOBet gain access to perks for referrals, birthdays, deposit bonuses, and other bonuses updated from time to time. M8Bet members gain access to a welcome bonus, daily bonus, cashback bonuses, weekly rebates, and more on the Rescuebet platform. In terms of bonus options, M8Bet edges out SBOBet.


While both sportsbooks provide various betting options and features, punters need to compare metrics that are important to them. One such important metric is trust and reliability. In the past, SBOBet has been accused of fixing matches on more than one occasion, but not proven. Fixing matches is detrimental to punters as genuine bettors lose trust in the game. 

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