SEO Reseller Programs: A Starter Guide for Agencies

SEO marketing comprises various digital elements and each of these has its own identity and contribution to brand building.

So, before having a look at how a SEO reseller program works, it is necessary to know what it is.

An SEO reseller can be defined as a digital agency that master SEO and sells the service on a white-label basis to agencies in the back end.

There is a list of services that encompass SEO reselling packages. However, we bring you the key services that are must and should:

  1. competitive analysis: When brands/business is getting on to the digital space, just like traditional marketing, you need to know what and how your competitors are doing. This information helps business, to understand what’s happening in the market from the competitors’ angle.
  2. Keyword research. Content is the key for not just your website but all the communication that you share on your digital platforms. Also, content is the one that will help your digital presence go visible. Therefore, an SEO reseller program must include keyword research. This would mean researching industry-specific keywords and coming up with a content plan on how the keywords would be used.
  3. Page optimization: Once the webpages are designed and launched, it’s time to optimize them. Thus, the Cambridge SEO agency must have an effective digital network of writers, publishers, authors and bloggers. These help in establishing good content and visibility for your business.
  4. Link building: When we speak of page optimization, backlinks play a key role. Links are the ones that help the business get visibility. Therefore, an SEO reseller program must include a backlinking procedure.
  5. content creation: Having a website is just the start. However, there is more to digital space. Depending upon the kind of your business, the magnitude of the business and target of the audience, the agency would suggest the digital presence and thereby plan for creating content that is suitable for all platforms.Read More About: Web mail
  6. Audits and reports: A good campaign and strategy is something that can be tweaked while it’s being implemented. In other words, an SEO program must include audits i.e. auditing the performance of the strategy, understanding what went right and what went wrong. Addressing what went wrong and why. Rectifying it to ensure that the further strategy goes good. In addition, it is also part of the SEO program to create reports to show clients. These reports act as performance sheets of the campaigns planned and implemented. It also works as the benchmark for strategizing the next campaign.
  7. Local SEO: Though the markets have gone global, local markets are something that businesses thrive on. Therefore, an SEO program must include Local SEO and listing. Local SEO means based on your operational peripheral, the agency would create and your business in the local market wherein your prospective customers can easily reach you.

The above elements of the SEO program are just a basic framework for understanding. For SEO reseller agency, this is the start point which is later elaborated and designed in-depth based on the client’s input and expectations. Now that you know what an SEO reseller programs holds, it’s time to know how to choose an agency for yourself.

  1. What is the team and how qualified they are. Each and every skill must exist. From writers to technical experts and social media wizards, the SEO reseller must have that team.
  2. In the current scenario, wherein everything has shrunk, it is necessary to check what is the agency’s mobile approach.
  3. As it is known that keyword research is the key to digital success, it is good to know how the research is being done. What are the yardsticks, tools and techniques used for the same.
  4. How is the link building done. There are many SEO resellers who promise of a great digital network. However, checking on the quality is a must. Understand the bandwidth of the digital network, understand the ratio of organic to paid and lastly, the quality of the network.
  5. How transparent and honest the SEO reseller agency is: Most of the times, it is the agency’s responsibility to share the reports with the client. In such a situation, it is your responsibility to get the same from the SEO reseller. The reports show how transparent and credible the service has been. Honesty comes in the form of communication. Therefore, it is necessary to check how open the communication is and how clear it is. As an agency, you should know the difference between giving suggestion and criticising.

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Thus, with the above mentioned points as your checklist, a simple google search is all you need to find an SEO reseller agency. Once you have the agency on board, it is like taking wings to fly through the market and find a business to provide 360 degrees SEO services.

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