Should You Invest in a Wetsuit for Your Child?

If you spend lots of time by the water, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth investing in a wetsuit for your child. In all likelihood, you’ve seen other parents on the beach dressing their children in a wetsuit, and you want to know if you should do the same. Here are just some of the benefits of this investment! 

Keep Them Warm

When just wearing swimming shorts or other beachwear, it won’t be long before your child is shivering. Especially on days where the water is colder than normal, they run over to you to warm up every 30 minutes. Well…in some cases. In others, your children are having far too much fun to think about how cold they are. Suddenly, they wake up the following day feeling under the weather. 

If you have a child that wouldn’t admit to feeling cold when playing in the water, kids wetsuits will give you some peace of mind. You won’t have to keep checking in because the material of the wetsuit keeps them warm regardless. 

Even if you think the water is warm, it doesn’t take long for children to lose body heat. Whether you’re spending a day with family on the beach or just sitting by the pool, a wetsuit keeps them warm all day long. 

Aid Swimming

While some kids take to the water immediately, others struggle to gain confidence. With this in mind, you can really give your child a helping hand by buying a wetsuit. The primary material in a wetsuit is neoprene, and this provides buoyancy through the many foam bubbles it generates. This extra buoyancy gives your child more stability while learning to swim. They can practice without thinking they will sink. 

Even for children with confidence, the extra buoyancy still provides safety and can help you to feel happier when sitting on the beach. 

Abrasion Protection

Every year, the jellyfish population around the country seems to increase. Not only this, but other creatures sting, and many underwater objects cause abrasions and harm to children. With a simple wetsuit, you increase the protection your child has against coral and all the potentially dangerous creatures. 

Your child spends time in the water, and you don’t have to worry about them picking up cuts, scrapes, and stings. 

UV Protection

Finally, wetsuits also afford another type of protection – UV protection. Sunburn and other health conditions are a big concern for parents, and one of the problems is that children don’t usually want to sit down and have sunscreen applied every hour. Instead, they want to play in the water and spend time with their siblings and friends. 

With a wetsuit, the neoprene material protects the skin from the sun, and the risk of sunburn reduces significantly. You’ll still need to apply sunscreen to the exposed areas of skin, but it cuts down your job noticeably. 

Buy the Right Wetsuit

More parents are now investing in a wetsuit for their child, and you can see why. With this neoprene layer over their skin, they stay warm, enjoy the extra buoyancy, are protected from abrasions and UV rays, and more. Some children gain confidence in just putting the suit on because they feel a little exposed without it. 

If your child is to enjoy these benefits, make sure you get a snug fit with the wetsuit. When loose, water can seep inside, and the suit becomes redundant. Make sure it fits like a second skin, and consider investing in one wetsuit per year so that you don’t have to worry about them growing out of it. 

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