Soccer Training for kids – The Things You Should Keep In Mind  

Without doubt, one of the most important requirements for producing kids who are good at soccer is that soccer training must begin at a very early stage. And this is where most get it wrong: like most other skills, imparting soccer skills in a kid is best done at the earliest possible time. While there are no guarantees that the average kid will become a soccer pro, the chances are enhanced if the right soccer drills are done as they should be. As a trainer, the all-important question then becomes: what do you need to keep in mind while training the kids?

What You Should Keep In Mind While Training The Kids

There are no set-in-stone principles for training kids to play soccer. While you go along, you may figure it out better. But here are certain things you should keep in mind:

 Different Kids Require Different Approaches

It goes without saying that humans are different – and so are kids. Whether it be soccer training for kid or for pros, the mental pitch is where the battle for a player’s career is first won or lost – even before the training pitch. You can only get to pass across your message on the training pitch (or get the kids to buy into your instructions), if you treat each kid how their personalities dictate. Some may require a pat on the back and constant guidance to flourish; others may require the hairdryer treatment. This is perhaps the reason Alex Ferguson rose far and above his peers: he understood the way to the hearts of each player and used it to his advantage.

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The Solution 

Playform’s Leaderboard is a league of Playform users who compete to elevate their game. For many players, motivation from players very high up the Leaderboard can be a source of mental push to help them develop – in addition to exhortation from their coaches.

Healthy Habits Are Important

Still on off-pitch concepts, one of the most underlooked aspects to a soccer player’s game are their habits, whether it be their eating habits, fitness habits, or their general attitude. It is important to inculcate the right habits in kids – especially as its relates to their soccer careers – so that as they develop on the training pitch, they develop the right ethos required to succeed as soccer players.

Helping Out 

We understand that it may be difficult tracking the habits of kids (especially as most are still under strict parental care), but Playform is an app that develops comprehensive fitness training plans and allows soccer trainers and players monitor progress and development. Complementing on-pitch training and off-pitch fitness tracking is the right recipe for success.

The Right Soccer Drills Are Essential 

It’s difficult to train kids with the fundamental soccer drills and age-appropriate soccer routines. Children aged 8 to 14 are easily diverted and influenced. Unfortunately, if the fundamentals of soccer training are not properly taught, such early impressions can lead to the development of poor soccer form and technique.

Soccer is one of the most popular kids sports in the world, and for good reason. You may not only teach young players the fundamentals of ball skills, but you can also encourage them to get outdoors and keep active by creating healthy, competitive activities.  

The Solution 

Playform provides expert coaching services and tailor-made drills (whether fitness or technical drills) to help enhance soccer training for kids. What’s more, the Playform platform provides loads of data points that help monitor the progress of every kid you are training.

Choosing Positions   

In the sport, different soccer skills are required to excel in different positions on the pitch. Sometimes, these soccer skills are in-born; at other times, they are learnt through training and practice over time. Here are the things you should know before you decide the position to train a kid to play:

To spot a kid’s goalkeeping potential, look for soccer skills like strong hand-eye coordination, confidence, strength, and quick reflex responses. The player must be willing to throw themselves about and have a positive attitude. To be a goalie, the player will require more specialized instruction, as it’s a delicate position in the game.

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If you have any aspiring goalkeepers, consider bringing in a qualified coach or recommending that they attend a goalie training session.

It takes strength, quick thinking, and smart judgment to be a good defender. The youngster must also have a keen eye for possible danger and any risky runs made by the opposition.

They must react appropriately when in possession of the ball. They must have the appropriate kick in them to clear the field if they are deep in defense and surrounded by rival players. In today’s game, defenders with ball-playing skills are valued, but this is something you may have to teach the kids yourself.

If the goalkeeper is caught off guard or moves away from the goal for a one-on-one situation, the potential defender should be able to recover and cover the goal to keep the ball out.

Kids who want to be midfielders or strikers should be quick, agile players with strong shooting skills. They should also have strength, fitness, speed, a good eye for opportunity, and the stamina to make offensive runs. They must also be able to make split-second choices and function well under duress.

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The Solution 

Playform can help kids enhance their sporting ability with its data-driven analysis of each player and their strengths and weaknesses. The app helps players maximize their potential by giving pertinent information that will help them choose their ideal positions.

The Bottom Line… 

Soccer training for kids is no easy task. It requires extra motivational and psychological efforts to get it right from the start. Once you can inculcate the right mental attitude, and the technical training on the pitch is good enough to help them develop their soccer skills, you will have many future superstars on your hands. Of course, you can rely on Playform to help you get it right.


Many coaches struggle to get it right with soccer training for kids. Everything you should know about imparting the right soccer skills and soccer training, and how Playform can be of help to kids’ coaches.

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