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What is a VPN, why is it needed and will it make us anonymous on the Internet?

Protecting your privacy is an important and often overlooked aspect of using the Internet. There are tools that help keep our online activities anonymous. VPN is such a tool.

Using the Internet without a VPN connection means that data transferred between servers can be easily intercepted and read by unauthorized persons. Everyone also sees that they come from us. We don’t mind watching funny videos, but when it comes to personal data, it’s worth protecting yourself.

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Further in the text, we present a list of, in our opinion, noteworthy applications that support hiding user activity on the Internet.

What is VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) refers to a virtual private network, that is, a service that encrypts data sent over the Internet to protect the user’s identity.


The main thing to consider when choosing a VPN service provider is security. Then is it safe to use a VPN? Yes, however, as long as the VPN service you selected has a validated no logs policy. This feature ensures that the “footprint” left on the network is protected from tracking. The no logs rule means that no data is collected, stored or shared by with third parties while browsing. Also, remember how you use the VPN. Downloading pirated and illegal content is illegal, including when using a VPN. There are also countries where the use of VPN is prohibited, for example (Russia, China, Turkey).

Baud rate

Another important factor when choosing a VPN provider is data transfer speed. When setting up a VPN connection, traffic is tunneled through multiple proxy servers, which can affect the download speed of YouTube videos or files to disk. Any VPN will affect your data transfer speed, but choosing the right provider can help minimize this negative effect. A high quality VPN can really speed up the transfers you receive before using the VPN connection. This is due to the defeat of the so-called Internet Service Provider (ISP) has set a bottleneck.

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