Best Strategies for Playing Blackjack in Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2021

Learning how to play blackjack online is necessary if you’re to devise a blackjack winning strategy. Unlike the other online casino games, blackjack is one that combines luck, logic, and probability. Mastering the gameplay and testing the different gaming strategies will guarantee you better chances of winning every time you play blackjack in trusted online casino Malaysia 2021. Below are some of the tips that will not only give you a competitive edge but also correct the petty mistakes you often make during a blackjack game.

Pick the best casino to play blackjack online

This may sound like an optional decision you make and not a blackjack playing strategy. Well, choosing the right casino to play blackjack online is as crucial as mastering the gameplay and having the best strategy. The reason for this is simple. Blackjack is a strategy game meaning you must combine every resource at hand to call it a success. The right casino will have the best bonus features, competitive low house edge, and blackjack demo accounts. What’s better than an opportunity to master your blackjack skills and strategies using real money that’s not yours?

Choose the right Blackjack variant

The best way to choose a blackjack variant is to compare the house edge of each game. The lower the house edge, the better. Again, prioritize on a blackjack game that you’re interested in. Don’t just pick one because everyone seems to prefer it. If you would like to look for more casino games online, you may visit Enjoy11 Genting slot game online Malaysia.

Master the game

There’s no better way of winning a blackjack game if you haven’t mastered the gameplay. Every blackjack variant has its unique rules and winning strategies. To make sure you are on the safe side, choose to play blackjack on the Internet only if you’re conversant with the rules and have some basic winning strategies at hand.

Use the blackjack strategy card

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran gambler; using a blackjack strategy card is a no brainer if you’re to maximize your winning chances. Instead of using some generic strategy cards, you can formulate yours using the blackjack strategy calculators found online. This formula works quite often for beginners since it’s easy to read and yield results.

Stay away from the side bets

As a general rule of thumb, sticking with the low house edge is the best way to play blackjack on the Internet. Side bets were introduced mainly to add variety to the game while increasing the house edge and possible returns, but many times, players lose money. Experienced players may get away with playing the side bets but for the novice and average gamblers, it’s advisable to stick with the strategy cards and avoid the side bets by all means.

Use card counting to your advantage

If you know the meaning of card counting in blackjack then you’re definitely aware that it’s considered unethical in various casino houses. Card counting is only practical when playing in a land’ based casino or the live dealer casino. The latter, often give players an opportunity to count the cards without the dealers noticing and you can use the trick to your advantage.


Apart from the above tips, it’s also important to have control of your betting amount. When playing blackjack online, it’s recommended to stick with the same amount instead of getting superstitious and wagering more than your betting strategy can account for.

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