Super Bowl prop bets: How to make smart wagers on non-traditional markets

The countdown for Super Bowl LVII is ticking. The much-awaited annual league is a breath to the soul for bettors globally. However, Super Bowl betting is more than traditional lines, like Points spread, Moneyline, and Over/Under. To boost the experience, online bookmakers even launch competitive odds on Super Bowl prop bets.

If you’re stepping into the sports betting world, prop bets are ideal for testing your luck and NFL gaming skills alike. Let’s learn more about this fun yet rewarding sports gambling market.

What is Super Bowl Prop Bet?

Proposition or Prop bet is a type of sports wagering option that covers everything other than the league’s outcome. It covers odds for various aspects of the Super Bowl league, including on and off-field events.

Thus, proposition bets provide endless opportunities to punters. It ranges from a football coin toss, first offensive play, and Most Valuable Player award winner to a number of songs at the halftime show.

For instance, you’ll predict whether Buffalo Bills will score four or more touchdowns in the first week.

However, comb through Super Bowl betting analysis and predictions to identify a proposition bet with a stronger edge.

Different Prop Betting Markets

Get ready to explore various Super Bowl prop bets for every season.

Coin Toss Prop

Want to have some fun and try your beginner’s luck before kickoff?

This chance-based betting option requires no strategy or game evaluation. The outcome of your wager depends on your luck. 

Betting on ‘who will win the coin toss’ is the most exciting line during the annual championship league. Further, you can wager on whether the toss-winning team will also win the matchup.

However, a 50/50 proposition doesn’t mean that the oddsmaker will be generous with the lines. So, choose an e-sportsbook with less vig on this prop bet to reduce your loss margin.

National Anthem Props

Soon after the announcement of the Super Bowl National Anthem performer, bookmakers also set the odds for this prop bet. You’ll find betting options from the start of the National Anthem until its last word, “brave.”


The line for this proposition bet will be in the yes/no or over/under form. For instance,

What will be the singing duration for the National Anthem?

Over 2 minutes, 30 seconds: -150

Under 2 minutes, 30 seconds: +110

Player Props

An excellent prop betting market that focuses on players’ performance during the Super Bowl matchups. Usually, Super Bowl player props are available in yes/no, head-to-head player, and over/under formats. Several online sportsbooks offer competitive odds on a total line for this betting market.

Some of the common player prop bets for the annual championship are:

  • The number of yards a player will rush for. 
  • Who will score the second touchdown?
  • How many rushing yards will J Hurts have in the upcoming matchup?
  • The number of passing touchdowns by Brock Purdy.

Gatorade Prop Bet

Gatorade shower on the winning coach is the charm of the Super Bowl league. Besides, prop bets on this event take the fun element one step ahead.

It’s all about guessing the color of Gatorade the team will dump on its coach, i.e., blue, green, orange, purple, clear, or red. Can sports betting get any easier? starwikibio allworldday therightmessages tvboxbee stylesrant voxbliss thetalka celebrow

Halftime Show Props

One more intriguing option with prop bets is choosing halftime events to win some dollars! From the dress color of the performer, Eminem’s rap time, and the first song by Rihanna to a collaboration between all the artists, bookies feature odds on various halftime show events.

Game Props

Game props are wagers on specific occurrences or stats during the Super Bowl matches. In other words, you’ll predict whether an outcome will happen during the matchup. Thus, these are mostly yes or no bets. Besides, sportsbooks host some over/under Super Bowl game props.

The betting options can include

  • Will the game go overtime?
  • What will be the first play of the game? 
  • Will any quarter be scoreless? 
  • The largest lead of the game will be over or under 12 points
  • Will the opening kickoff be a touchback? 


MVP Prop Bets

Predicting who will win Super Bowl “Most Valuable Player” is also one of the most common prop picks among bettors. Besides, you can wager on who the winner will thank first.

Generally, the quarterback of the winning team earns this award. However, wide receivers, running backs, defensive ends, safeties, linebackers, fullbacks, cornerbacks, and kick returners also took the trophy home in past seasons.

It shows any footballer with excellent on-field skill during all four quarters can grab this prestigious award. So to improve your winning chances, analyze player stats thoroughly.

Super Bowl Exotic Props

This wild prop bet line focuses on events outside the game or field. That said, you’ll place a stake in probable incidents like

  • If a fan runs onto the field to meet a player.
  • On-field proposal by the player after the game.
  • Which brand will air the first commercial?

Remember, some regions can have state-regulated restrictions on Super Bowl exotic.

Wagering Strategies for Props

As a novice bettor, taking some precautions to play safe is vital. Here are a few expert-recommended prop bet tips that can enhance your gambling experience.

  • Make sure to do line shopping to find an ideal prop betting opportunity with a good payout. 
  • Lines move fast during the Super Bowl event, so place a wager before the match day.
  • Evaluate the team and players’ performance before wagering on game and player props.
  • Lastly, never risk your entire bankroll. Even though these are fun bets, stop trying your luck after two or three losses.

Final Word

Indeed, prop bet is a unique betting market that allows you to bet on just about any event of the Super Bowl game. However, the sheer volume of proposition bets available on various e-sportsbooks can be overwhelming. You can’t wager on any line that catches your eye. 

So pick a sportsbook with better odds to make the most out of your real money prop bets.

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