The Art of Winning

In case you enjoy gambling online you’re a part of a massive community filled with all profiles imaginable. It isn’t a category specifically designed for sport fans. Ever since it was noted that it’s actually possible to earn a little bit of money on the side with this hobby, even housewives have joined in. 

Winning is definitely motivational and it will keep you interested. But what can you do when you’re experiencing a losing streak? We’re glad you asked. 

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Free Tips for Expert Playing

To play like an expert, it would be nice to have an equally successful platform or a website designed for online betting. One of the most triumphant websites of that type is Bet365, exclusively an online bookmaker, that has been present since the very beginning of online bets. 

Bet365 was initiated by a woman, Denise Coates, who was obviously very much ahead of her time. Denise somehow knew what kind of a business it would become eventually and has kept a successful track ever since. 

When you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy and safe online gambling site, look no further than Bet365. Safety of your money is very much appreciated and security of your personal data. 

Back in 2000, when Bet365 actually started, Denise thought of a unique way of attracting new players and preferably stealing the veteran gamblers on other sites. Bet365 was the first site that offered free bets. That meant that the new players could have placed a bet without investing any money of their own. Later on, most other websites for online betting implemented the same strategy. Bet365 has the same offer even today, free bets are available for new players and the existing ones. 

Ahead of Their Time

Second major improvement in the field was done soon after initiating the page. All the other bookmakers that were offering their services online were primarily focused on sports being played in their time zone. 

Denise, very well aware of the possibilities the Internet was about to bring, soon started offering bets on all sports, being played on all continents, encompassing all time zones. 

While the competition kept themselves busy with major offering bets on major games and events, Bet365 improved their offer with minor leagues football, making this type of game interesting to all the football fans, even the ones that supported smaller clubs. 

That step was the one that made Bet365 the IT online bookmaker, in the UK anyway. To this day, Bet365 remains the favourite online sports book in the UK and most of Europe. 

Placing a Bet Like a Pro

Did you know that you don’t have to lose any money today when gambling online? How is that possible? Well, thanks to all the tricks being displayed by Bet365, you literally don’t have to lose any of your hard earned money. 

Bet365 has also made betting on the go available with their mobile application. The app itself is easily comprehended, looks similar to the original website and we find it very much user friendly. That makes placing a bet in a rush easier. 

Mobile application for Bet365 has some of the perks, definitely worth mentioning, which will help in keeping your money safe. 

Cash out option is one of the said perks. This option enables you to cash out a certain amount  of cash at any time of the game. Basically, if you see that your match is going the opposite way than you predicted, you can stop your bet and cash out the offered amount. It wouldn’t be as high as predicted initially, but at least you won’t lose everything. Sounds good, right?

Stats radar is another option available on the app. This option gets you all the statistics and scores of the previous matches in the same category, so you don’t have to dig them up. 

Live match alert is a perfect option for people who don’t have time to watch the entire game. Bet365 will be sure to provide the alerts on your phone or tablet, which are customisable. You can set up the alerts for a specific part of the game like corners, cards, goals or you can set it up to receive every single update regarding that match. 

Bet365 online betting website really stands out by their innovative approach. They also offer customer service on their website in 12 different languages, which can be reached 24/7, which shows that they really care about their players. For more information about this online bookmaker visit the website:

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