The Best Asbestos Removal Specialist in Victoria

Is Asbestos harmful?

Asbestos is extremely damaging to you and your nearest and dearest. Ingesting or breathing asbestos can lead to major health problems including the mesothelioma cancer, asbestos lung cancer, and pleural plaques. Every year, almost 800 Australians are identified with mesothelioma. According to a research issued by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over 700 Australians died from malignant mesothelioma in 2018.

How to know that your house has asbestos?

The only way to know for sure if a substance contains asbestos is to have it tested by a certified laboratory. Only test questionable materials if they are damaged (brittle, eroding) or if you are planning a restoration that would disrupt the suspicious material, according to the EPA. A professionally trained and licenced asbestos specialist should collect samples (inspector).

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Where to get your house inspected for asbestos?

Whether you require asbestos removal for a business or residential structure, we always have the perfect option for you. We’ve been in this company for over 20 years and know what it takes to do such tasks with the highest effectiveness and reliability. We have maintained our standards as the best asbestos removal specialist in Melbourne.

When you phone us, we will send a team of highly trained specialists to you, no matter where you are in Melbourne. They will first inspect your home/property for asbestos, and if no asbestos is found, they will notify you immediately. They will not overcharge you or force you to acquire something you do not require.

Which is the best asbestos removal specialist in Victoria?

The very best asbestos removal specialist in Victoria is Asbestos Removed. People from all across Victoria rely on us for all of their asbestos removal requirements. Unlike other asbestos removal companies, we provide equal attention to each of our clients and firmly believe in helping people rather than profiting from them. This is why we are the preferred option of the vast majority of homeowners in Victoria.

How does the process work?

If you feel that you have been exposed to asbestos pollution, contact Asbestos Removed to get your property tested. The asbestos removalist team in Melbourne is a reputable and qualified expert group. They provide the best asbestos removal service in Melbourne. No matter where you are in Melbourne, our team of highly qualified professionals will visit to you and evaluate and assess each floor of the home independently. After thoroughly inspecting each level, we give photographic documentation of suspected ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) and conduct microscopic examination of the suspected ACMs’ samples.

Throughout the process, the team’s devotion, the great safety record has maintained at that level. We rely on tried-and-true safety measures to get the job done. Asbestos removal is a sensitive affair that demands professionalism and skill, both of which we are delighted to provide. Don’t worry you, your home and your environment will be in safe hands.

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