The Best Sports for Amateur and Professional Disabled People

At a different point in time, you may not think it’s possible to play sports as a disabled person. Nowadays, however, the sports world has gone to great lengths to increase its accessibility, and there are a handful of sports that disabled people can participate in and succeed. 

This guide will provide you with a list of sports that accommodate disability and allow disabled people to thrive. 

1. Archery

Archery is included in the list of Paralympic sports for the Olympics and has an extensive history of focusing on access for disabled people. In fact, the sport was originally introduced as a way for disabled people to undergo physical rehabilitation, which makes it highly suitable for both amateur and professional disabled athletes. 

The sport involves shooting arrows at a target from a distance, with the goal of hitting as close to the center as possible. At the Olympic level, the distance is mostly between 50 meters and 70 meters. 

2. Wheelchair Basketball

Do you often watch basketball games on TV and wish that you could play the game if you weren’t disabled? Well, the game is also accessible for disabled athletes as a sport called wheelchair basketball

It was originally created in 1946 for World War 2 veterans who experienced various forms of paralysis. Some of the rules differ, but the shooting points remain the same. For more information on the international rules of the game, you can check out this site

3. Sitting Volleyball

That’s right, volleyball is also a highly accessible sport for both amateur and professional disabled athletes! The sitting volleyball sport mostly uses the same rules as normal volleyball, except that it will use a smaller court and have a lower net. 

Any athletes that have physical disabilities are eligible to play this game at the international level once they qualify. It is also included in the Paralympic Games ever since 1980.

4. Paralympic Swimming

If you have ever craved the freedom that swimming gives you, you may find paralympic swimming to be a highly desirable sport for you to try out. The goal is the same: to swim from one side of a pool and be the first one to reach the other side.

It was first played in the Olympic games in Rome during 1960 and has since then been a highly famous Paralympic sport. 

Sports for Disabled People

Disabled people may not have access to as many sports as they would like, but as time goes on, the list of paralympic games that focus on being accessible has been increasing. They are also beginning to gain more popularity worldwide, which makes them desirable options for you to train and establish yourself as an amateur or a professional athlete. 

Some of the most famous sports for disabled people include archery, volleyball, basketball, and swimming. They are included in the Paralympic Games and almost anyone with a disability and a passion for the sport can be eligible to play. 

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