Things you shouldn’t do after a car accident in Tucson 

An unexpected car crash can ruin everything you have. Such accidents and crashes are reported too often in Arizona. After a car accident, if you are physically capable, you have a few responsibilities. You probably know the basic accident laws in the state, but given the impact of the crash, you may miss important details. Among other things, you need to call the police and consider talking to a Tucson auto accident attorney. Below is a list of things you shouldn’t do after a car accident, Click here for help.

  1. Fleeing the scene. It’s human instinct to avoid conflict, but acting on that instinct may have severe consequences. No matter the fault, pull over and check for damages. You need to check if other drivers and passengers are injured, and as needed, you must call 911 immediately. You may have to deal with a ‘hit and run’ case if you leave the scene. 
  2. Not calling the police. Any auto accidents in Arizona should be reported. Even if you believe that it was just a minor accident, you need to call the local law enforcement. Drivers are required to report the accident if there was death, injury, or considerable property damage involved. Don’t let someone talk you out of this step. 
  3. Behaving aggressively or arguing with other drivers. Do not say anything at the accident scene that can impact your scope to get a settlement. Keep calm and wait for the police officer to arrive. They will ask questions, and you should share an honest version of the crash without pointing fingers. 
  4. Not documenting the scene. The car accident scene has evidence that can come in handy to prove your claim. Take photos and videos of the accident scene, and make sure that you document your injuries in photos. If you can collect any physical evidence, such as a broken car part, consider taking that after informing the investigating officer. 
  5. Not contacting an attorney. Don’t assume that you will get a fair settlement for your car accident from the at-fault party’s insurance company. The insurance company is not looking out for you and would try everything possible to reduce their liability. Ensure that you contact an attorney soon after the accident so that they can work on gathering evidence and negotiate with the insurance representative on your behalf. 

Finally, don’t forget to inform your insurer, even when you are not at fault. To know more, contact a car accident lawyer in Tucson now.

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