Three Popular Sports Betting Strategies

If a prematch is bets before the start of the game, then live is betting on a match when it is already underway. The odds in it are constantly changing, some outcomes disappear, while others appear. At the same time, many bookmakers show broadcasts of games and even statistics, but it happens to be late, so it’s better to watch it on third-party sites.
Some bookmakers may have a good pre-match line, but in Live mode, the choice will be more modest or the odds will be lower.

If you are going to use a strategy based on such bets, compare the odds for the same event from different bookmakers and choose the one that suits you best – even in our time, you can notice a big difference between bookmakers.
Any bets that we have talked about can be made not only for the entire match. In different sports, the game is divided into periods, so you can bet on the whole match and on each half separately. In addition, in team sports it is possible to select the indicators of a particular team or player: how many goals he will score, tackles, and so on – totals and odds on them are called individual.

Dallas Football Strategies and Rise

Both strategies are minimal risk and only suitable for football in The essence of the Dallas strategy is that in a match with a clear favorite and an outsider, we bet on an individual underdog total less than 1. In Rise, we bet that there will be no goals in the first fifteen minutes if there is no preponderance of forces in the game.

The odds for both the low total of an outsider and zero goals at the beginning of the match are usually below 1.5, so both strategies cannot be used on their own (after a defeat, you need to make a lot of bets to win back, and this will not lead to anything other than ruining the bank) .

It is most advantageous to use them with a pair with Ladder, which is designed just for small coefficients – we will talk about it a little later.

Surebet betting strategy

Different bookmakers offer different odds for the same outcome. We find these discrepancies in mutually exclusive outcomes: for example, in the victory of the first and second teams and a draw. Then we bet on each outcome in the office, which has a higher odds for it. As a result, no matter how the match ends, we are in the black.

You can check if there is a fork using the formula В=1÷K1+1÷K2+1÷K3:
B – the value of the fork (it exists if the value is below one);
K is the coefficient for each outcome.
The size of bets is calculated according to the formula P=(1÷K÷B)×C:
P – the size of the bet;
K – coefficient on the bet;
B is the value of the fork;
C – the sum of all bets on the surebet.

You can independently go to different offices and compare the odds for the same outcomes – then the surebet calculator will come in handy, which will show how much you need to bet on each outcome. But do not bother yourself: the Internet is full of paid and free services that are looking for surebets themselves.

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