Tips to Sell Your Car Quickly

Title in Hand

You do not want to miss an interested buyer because your documents have not been prepared beforehand. A substitute title can be a long process depending on where you are and the situation, so you should have your title ready to sell before listing your vehicle.


All the vehicles that you want can be described. But what they say, you know, is a thousand words worth a picture. If you need to sell your car quickly, high-quality pictures of your car can make a big difference. Try documenting your car in soft light for the best results. Get pictures at all angles and then show the images in a logical order so that the visitor feels like they go around the car in person. Statistics show, that the front of the driver at a 45-degree angle is the best picture to start with.

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Focus on the Details

You will want to be as descriptive as possible in the written part of your listing. If you know no starting point, look at the descriptions of used cars on local dealer websites and use them as a reference point. However, never copy/paste any more lists. It is very unlikely that your car will be upgraded and that even the smallest details will come wrong, and potential customers might begin to challenge your integrity. Auto Verkaufen can be consider a good place for selling your car.

Nail Your Headline

Take a moment to brush your copywriting skills before you list your car for sale. You can sell your car quickly by an efficient headline, so begin there. It should appeal and provide you with clear, concise information on your car to the larger audience. Once more, you can check other listings before you start writing your own if you don’t know where to start. This is known in the world of copywriting as the “swipe” and requires close tabs on the copy of another person to see which formulas work best.

Test Driving Rules

You must be in agreement with prospective purchasers who wish to test your car to sell your car quickly. The best approach is to own all the details and tell purchasers when and where the test drive is going to be. Be effective and keep the debates short and straightforward. Plan to meet in a secure, public place – and if possible have somebody with you. We never advise to travel with prospective customers. Tell them a suggested route instead, and let them know exactly how long the test drive needs to be completed before you call to report the stolen car.

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