Top 3 PDF to Word Converters You Should Use

If you are searching for an online converter for your documents, there are a lot of things you must consider. First is its compatibility with your device, browser, and operating system, your file security, and the overall quality of the converted files it will provide you. Mostly, you should also check if their services are offered for free and if you will be allowed to have full control over their tools. As far as possible, avoid stumbling upon a conversion tool that requires you to pay for subscriptions to enjoy their platform.

There are many online PDF to Word conversion tools out there but only some offer the best quality services free of charge! You do not want to waste your time finding the right conversion tool that suits your needs especially if you are in an urgent situation like reaching deadlines, preparing for presentations, or you still have a lot of things to accomplish within the day. Just keep reading because we will list and elaborate on 3 sites you can stumble upon and enjoy their excellent services!

1. Use PDFBear

For the first stop, we encourage you to use PDFBear. If you are searching for an online tool you can use to convert PDF to Word online free of charge, this makes an excellent choice. It is an online platform that offers over 20 PDF tools that you can use in an urgent situation because they will transform your PDF to Word in just a matter of a few clicks! The good thing is, they will not require you to install additional software, plug-ins, or extensions to have full control over their conversion tools. You just need access to the internet and all your conversion needs will be performed by them!

If we are to convert PDF to Word, we need to find a conversion tool that preserves all the layout, format, positioning, paginations, and elements of the PDF files after it was converted. Usually, I have encountered conversion tools that transform PDF to Word but did not extract all its elements as well as the overall appeal of the file. Good thing, I found PDFBear! It is a user-friendly platform and a cloud-friendly site that generates newly converted files that meet the standards I have set! Their tool is very self-explanatory as well and the best thing about it is that they protect the privacy and safety of their users! They have assured everyone that after a file has been generated for download, it will be automatically deleted on their server after an hour!

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and on all types of devices making it very handy! It is the best conversion tool for you! They offer the efficiency, convenience, and excellence to transform your PDF file into a Word file in just an instant! What are you waiting for? Visit their website now and convert your PDF to Word-like magic!

2. Use Smallpdf

For the second stop, we also encourage you to use this highly recommended platform, Smallpdf! With this website, your PDF to Word conversion will also become as easy, quick, and convenient as never before! They also offer their service for free without requiring you to register on their service. This is also a trustworthy platform that promises to erase all uploaded files in their service after an hour. 

Smallpdf, from the word itself, is capable of converting files even if it is huge in file size. It works on all computer’s operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux so you do not have to worry about the compatibility of this tool in your computer. This is also a cloud-friendly platform so saving and uploading files to and from your cloud-storage will not be a problem! They have promised to provide you the best quality conversions so converting files online will be ridiculously easy! Try and visit their site to believe it!

3. Use iLovePDF

Last but not the least, iLovePDF is another highly reputable conversion tool online that can produce high-quality Word format of a file extracted from a PDF. Overall, they have 23 tools available to meet your PDF needs and one of the most outstanding tools I have explored on their site is the PDF to Word converter! Even if you are not that computer-savvy, you will be able to easily comprehend and use their tools at first glance! They have made it extremely simple with a very user-friendly interface. Just like the previous 2 websites, your security is also their concern as they promise to protect their users from file theft (all archives from their server will be permanently deleted after two hours). They also have cloud-friendly features for you to save and export files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

iLovePDF is universally available for everyone regardless of where you are around the globe! They have translated their website into 25 different languages to accommodate users from different countries. The best thing about it was that they also have a smartphone application called iLovePDF Mobile App where you can easily access with iOS or Android devices. 


PDF to Word conversions are crucial because you will need to find the most accurate converting tool to avoid you from encountering setbacks when the quality of the Word being produced from the conversion process does not satisfy your needs. With the 3 sites we have introduced, you will surely have that high-quality PDF to Word conversions that you have never imagined before! Make sure to check their websites to enjoy their services for free! 

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