Top 5 must have gadgets for every college students

5 Affordable (and advanced!) must-have gadgets for students 

College days are exciting, tiring and thrilling at the same time. From videogames and class assignments on the laptop to relying on headphones, some devices are lifesavers. Today, we’ll talk about some more vital gadgets that’ll make your college life much easier. From retro cameras to blue light glasses, here are top 6 useful pieces of essentials to take to your college. 

Why do students need gadgets?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, college and assignments would put students to sleep. Then came new advanced gadgets and tech items that replaced sluggish computers and compact-disk players and made students’ lives a lot better. 

Now, you can get affordable and nifty gadgets to improve both work and play. These gadgets are small yet a gigantic help in university. Some devices will ease the tension of academic days while others offer the artistic pleasure of listening to music. Either way, college life becomes much more efficient and smarter. Whether you are studying, relaxing, or sitting through a lecture, these gadgets are useful for note-taking, keeping you on schedule and remembering vital dates and details. 

5 gadgets you need to get today 

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

No, earphones or earbuds aren’t a better option for an improved audio experience, compared to noise-cancelling headphones. Though headphones and earphones are quite an accessory for every college student, the magic of noise-cancelling headphones is experienced by only a few. These special devices are designed to block or shut out any environmental sounds around you, it’s just you and your music interacting with each other. It builds an environment of silent libraries that helps to juggle through busy cafes and crowded places. 

  • Blue light glasses

With increased hours of screen use of computers and smartphones, your eyes are bound to experience various visual problems. Blue light glasses help combat these eye problems from digital screens, such as eye-strain, dry-eyes, headache, burning sensation, redness, itchiness and many more. Various online glasses now come in the blue light coating, on prescription and non-prescription lenses. You must wear it when you are on your laptop to stop the active blue light penetration into the eyes, increasing the risk of retinal damage.

  • Smartwatch

For times when you plan on a smartphone detox, getting a smartwatch is a smart choice. Sync your smartphone with the watch to stay on the top of your game by keeping a tab on new alerts and notifications. Smartphones aren’t just phones anymore, you can keep a track of your health, use it as a calendar, activity tracker, MP3 player and many more. 

Keep up with texting, phone calls without even pulling out the phone. 

  • Charging Backpack

A charging backpack including cushioned, inner charging station solves every modern-day panic of looking at a dying device. You can also make new friends or share it with others as the backpack also comes with outer charging ports.

  • Heating Travel Mug

Coffee and other hot drinks make our mornings a lot better. But the expense of buying 3 to 4 cups quickly crosses your budget, even when most of us are broke. Fortunately, you can get heated travel mugs that keep coffee hot for longer hours. Not only do the mugs keep the coffee heated, but they also come with a USB port to keep it steaming and brewing. 

With these 5 essential items, you are good to go for a great and memorable college life. For cheap glasses online with a blue light coating, Specscart is one of the best places. It offers high-quality glasses in the UK, at an unbeatable price range along with free delivery. Go ahead and try out their free home trial service, that includes 4 frames, 3 lenses (blue light, transition, anti-glare) for 7 days to try and test to find the perfect pick. You can’t find such high-quality lenses and frames at such low cost, get them now. 

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