Top Players to Watch in Argentina vs. France FIFA World Cup Final

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Final is here, and every fan is excited to watch France vs. Argentina. Here are the top players to look out for in the World Cup final match.

The past month flew by for football fans, with the FIFA World Cup offering unmatched excitement. Now, the event is ready to hold its finals, and all eyes are on France and Argentina.

After 63 exhilarating games, the 32-team event has two heavyweights ready to offer an amazing match. France, the defending champion, has been a fan favorite throughout the tournament.

On the other hand, the Messi-led squad started off shakily, losing to Saudi Arabia. However, the team has gained momentum ever since and has finished every game comfortably. While both teams have some huge names, there are some players every football fan should keep an eye on.

Lionel Messi

Messi, one of the most famous names in football history, is ready to end his World Cup career in glory. The 35-year-old has already broken multiple records throughout the event, such as becoming the leading WC scorer for Argentina. 

Every player and viewer should be on the lookout for Messi’s on-field wizardry on the grandest stage.

Julian Alvarez

The World Cup has not only showcased the talent of existing superstars, but it has also produced breakout stars. The 22-year-old Julian Alvarez falls in the latter category, being a player who did not even make the starting 11 for the team in two games.

Now, the player has scored four goals for the team in four appearances. Alvarez has been a crucial addition to the Argentinian squad, and everyone must keep an eye out for the emerging star sccbuzz.

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is a player who has established a stature equal to that of Ronaldo and Messi in recent years. The player is competing against Messi to be the leading scorer in the event. The 23-year-old star will surely look to overthrow Messi while helping France retain their championship.

Olivier Giroud

After losing Karim Benzema to an injury, France needed someone to step up, and Giroud filled the role perfectly. The player helped the team make it past the knockout stage and is currently the all-time leading scorer for France. 

France qualified for the semifinals by virtue of Giroud’s goal in the 78th minute against England. Now that the final game is here, every French fan will be expecting the player to display an equally outstanding performance dstvportal.

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