Types of Golf Event Games

There are several types of golf event games. Choosing one can be a difficult decision, but there are several ways to keep your participants entertained and involved. Here are some fun ideas. One of the oldest golf event games is the alternate shot format. It is similar to the Pinehurst format and involves alternating shots. Player A hits the second shot of player B. Then, the next person to hit the ball will hit player A’s shot.

Teams of two play a matchplay game. Each team alternates taking shots for the rest of the hole. In handicap matchplay, each team uses its combined greensomes handicaps. The lower pair takes the difference. The higher pair will get full points. This type of game also involves driving the ball. The opponents must choose which play to make. A team with four golfers with similar handicaps can play this game. It is an excellent option for groups who want to encourage teamwork.

A different version of the game is called the wolf. Players take turns being the Wolf. The Wolf chooses a hole of three or two, depending on how many players are participating. They must choose their partner immediately after driving. Player A hits a bad drive, but Player B makes a good one, so Player C must be Wolf’s partner before Player D hits a tee-ball. For teams to win, players must be on their team’s team before they have to hit the first hole.

For fun, add games to your golf event. Games are inexpensive and add to the excitement of the event. The more games you have, the more people will play, and the more likely they are to return to the event. They can also increase your fundraiser, so it’s worth considering. And if you’re a golf event organizer, why not get creative? There are plenty of golf event games to choose from! And who says there’s nothing fun about golf?

The earliest recorded game of golf may have originated in the 14th century. According to William Ousley, it was a descendant of the Persian game chaugan, which is the forerunner of modern polo. Another possible descendant of chaugan was the French cross-country game chicane, which required players to hit a ball with as few strokes as possible to reach a garden door or a church. Emil Zola, a famous French novelist, called it chole.

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Some golf event games involve the foursome. Teams consist of four people or more and play against other foursomes or the whole field. Each team will have a designated scorekeeper. Each person’s gross score is recorded on the scorecard, and the team with the highest aggregate point total wins. Each player has a handicap, but the team with the highest points will be crowned the winner. One of the golf event games involves the players choosing three golfers from their team’s roster. No two people may be chosen twice in around.

Another fun golf event game involves a long drive contest. Participants can compete against one another and win a prize if they can hit the ball farther than the pro. Similarly, the closest drive contest can be held on par threes in the 100–130-yard range. It’s a fun way to keep people entertained and interacting while preparing for a round of golf. There are many ways to have a fun golf event and everyone can enjoy it.

Another popular golf event game involves teams of two or three golfers. This event can be played either in a match play or stroke play format. Each team member gets a ball, which is the lowest score on a hole. The lowest score on a hole would go for team A. Team B would use golfer B’s score of 4, and so on. The winner is the team with the lowest total on all 18 holes. This game is fun for all ages and is easy to set up.

Another game that involves teams of golfers is a scramble tournament. Players tee off on each hole and pick one of their teammates’ best shots. The next person to hit a ball from the bag is the team’s best shot. If they don’t hit the ball in the hole, they’ll still have a chance to shoot a low score. Several teams can compete at once by playing scramble tournaments.

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