Understanding the Basics of AFL Betting Online 

If you enjoy spectacular receptions, thunderous kicks, harsh knocks, and relentless players, Australian Rules football may be for you. The Australian Football League (AFL) is the only men’s professional Aussie Rules league, and it’s hugely popular in sports betting markets across the world.

According to the newest reports, over 7.5 million Australians aged 14 and above watched AFL events on TV at least once in 2020, including pre-season games, home and away games, AFL Finals, the AFL Women’s competition, and the show-piece AFL Grand Final.

The AFL comprises 18 teams who compete against one another from March through August. The top eight clubs compete in finals series that ends in the AFL Grand Final, held at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground on the last Saturday of September each year.

Here, look at the fundamentals of AFL betting and how to wager on the game and handicap the AFL odds.

How to Bet on AFL?


This is just a more popular way of referring to Moneyline betting in the AFL, in which you wager on which club will win the game. In addition to the number, the favorite will have a negative (-) symbol, while the underdog will have a positive (+).

Betting on the Spread

Line betting refers to a match’s handicap or point spread, which provides more incentive to wager on a game that is predicted to be one-sided. Betting on a favorite on the handicap will result in a higher payoff, while betting on an underdog using the point spread will offer you a better chance of winning than betting on them straight up.


This bet, often known as the Over/Under, is based on the total number of points scored in a game. Bettors can choose to bet on the Under if they believe the total number of points scored will be fewer than the number provided, or the Over if they believe the total number of points scored will be greater.

Betting With a Small Profit Margin

In AFL betting, margin betting is highly popular since it lets you predict how much your favorite team will win by. For AFL matches, you may expect margins between 1-39 and 40+.


Side, line, and total bets based on a half or quarter of a game rather than the entire game are known as derivatives. This is a wonderful choice for individuals who want to get in on the action early in a game, and it may be a rewarding option for bettors who research whether teams play better or worse early in games.

Bets on Propositions

There are a variety of additional proposition bets available in AFL games, in addition to derivative betting. These include wagering on player props, the game’s first score, the number of goals and behinds scored, and so on.

Betting in Real-Time

You may wager on a game that is now taking place by using live betting. Watching a game may give you a decent indication of how a game is going, and live odds will alter based on how the game is going early on.


Futures betting allows you to gamble on events that will occur in the future. The winner of the AFL Grand Final, which is slated for the end of September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, is the simplest futures bet to locate in the AFL betting market.

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