What Are The Basic Rules & Fouls of Hockey?

Hockey is now one of the most fantastic sport all over the world. The great thing is that it is exciting to play and enjoyable to watch. Because it is the most played game across the globe, but there have such massive confusion that if you are new to play the game or watch the game, it will be very confusing. Thinking about all the betterment, we have come to massive basic rules and regulations on Hockey sport.

If you are engrossed in appreciating the Hockey sport’s rules and regulations, you have to follow the instructions we have included in the article. You can follow our instructions because we gave you the depth of Hockey’s rules that you can distinguish immediately.


  1. The player of the Hockey sport can hit the ball with the stick. They can’t beat the ball without any equipment which is outside of the game. Otherwise, it will consider as foul.
  2. In the game, a player cannot hit or touch the ball by using the feet or any parts of the body. It is the strict rules.
  3. Also, always have to mind that a hockey player may not be able to push, charge, trip, or cannot handle the body or stop a player with their self-force because it is a non-contact game, which means that any o player can’t stop the speed of the opponent player by using their body parts.


  1. Hockey stick interfering: It means that no one can beat any player with the stick to stop the opponent player’s speed. Other it will be foul.
  2. Also, players cannot use their stick or can’t grow up a stick to the targeted player by willingly or unwillingly for hit the player.

Endwise of the article, you get the basic rule and regulations of hockey sport. We already discussed that this information would help you entirely when you play Hockey sport.

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