What is Low- code Development Platform?

A Low-code Development Platform is a programming application that provides GUI for your programming.

It can develop your code significantly faster and reduce your run time. This first development tool can minimize your hand-coding efforts. Besides coding, it can help you by doing a quick setup and deployment.

By the low code development platform frameworks, there is no need to write code line by line. So how? It allows you to draw a flow chart, and by the chart, your code will be created by default.  This way, code development gets faster.

Why do you use a Low-code Development Platform?

As mentioned before, it reduces coding and programming run time; besides these, there are also more benefits for using the Low-code Development Platform.

This platform helps your organization to develop your expedition.

This platform can decrease the difficulties of your application development process.

Besides these, this platform also has some benefits as its productivity is high, and it reduces your cost because it can make more applications in less time as it is faster.

Here are some Low-code development platform name and their prices:

The most popular Low-code Development platform is Quixey, as it works for all like (mac, android, windows, ios). You can spend $10/month it’s annually.

Visual LANSA is another low code development platform as it runs in (Cloud-based, IBM I, Windows); it’s the lowest price than almost all like you can spend $8.34 per user in per month.

Another Low-code Development platform is Creation that runs in Windows, Mac, and web-based applications. Its enterprise edition price is $25 per user per month.

Besides all these, there also have lots of Low-code Development Platform like GeneXus, Zoho creator,

Appain, KISSFLOW, Mendix, OutSystem etc.

The low code industry has a lot of playing field that offers developer something for every type.

Here is a couple of differences between Mendix vs powerapps vs OutSystems vs Wavemaker low code alternatives.

For the primary use case, Mendix is a process of automation and new app development. Powerapps is also for the automation process and new app development. Outsystem process is for modernization and industrialization, and Wavemaker for modernization can also do new app development.

All of these applications are cloud-native applications.

Mendix, Outsystems, and wavemakers UI responsive coming by default but Powerapps UI response coming customization.

Mendix, OutSystems, powerapps can use all citizens’ developer and business process teams, but wavemakers can use only modern application development teams.

Mendix has no code generation. It is runtime based on metadata from the model, but OutSystems is mixed of code generation and Metadata derived from the model. On the other hand, powerapps is a mix of net code generation and metadata derived from the model, but Wavemaker is 100% open standards-based code generated for complete applications.

Mendix, Outsystems, and PowerPoint business process support are inbuilt but via integration with the BPM tool of choice is the business support process of Wavemaker.

Above here is a couple of differences between all of them. Besides these, there have couple more differences based on app extensibility, app deployment, lock-in, pricing model, platform administration, developer environment, and more.

Hybrid mobile app development platform-Basically Hybrid mobile app development platform is

The combination of native and HTML5 worlds. A hybrid app can add an extra layer between your source code and your target platform. Here is one more thing you need to remind that it is slightly slower than a native app or web-based app in the same application. It is primarily built web applications written in JavaScript language.

Then the thing is, why do you use hybrid mobile applications? It is easier and faster to develop than any other app and requires less maintenance.

Nowadays, Logic is the most popular hybrid mobile app development framework that is front-end HTML built on Angularjs and Cordova and includes API DOM and custom elements.

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