What Is the Hardest Sport to Take up and Master?

Sport is life — a life full of activity, progress, hard work, and outstanding achievements. Reaching your goals and getting the best results you have ever dreamed about motivates more than anything else does.

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The Key Question

It is no secret that today there are a vast number of sports in the world. Moreover, each of them requires a lot of effort, time, and hard work to achieve results. And the ultimate question all sportsmen and sports fans try to find the answer to is “What is the hardest sport?”

Disputes on this issue constantly surface among athletes and fans around the world. Recently, the American sports television channel ESPN ranked sports based on their complexity.

Among the 10 defining skills were: endurance, strength, energy, speed, agility, flexibility, stress level, resilience, hand, and eye coordination, as well as analytical skills.

The top 5 included Boxing, Hockey, American Football, Basketball, and Wrestling:

  • Boxing

There is no need to mention that professional boxing requires colossal loads. Boxing is all about physicality and endurance on the ring.

  • Ice Hockey 

Ice Hockey combines tactical awareness and power. It also requires a good balance. 

  • American Football

No surprise, it is one of the most beloved and popular sports. Especially in the US, where each season NFL is the hotter talk point. The main bonus for American Football fans is that it is incredibly thrilling to watch. However, for real players, this sport requires lots of strength and agility.

  • Basketball

It is one of the quickest-paced sports that requires each team member to work hard and stretch the breaking points.

  • Wrestling

Just like in boxing, tactical thinking and much power are vital for reaching success.

A Spirit of Competition

Despite all the differences of each sport, there is one thing in common competitive spirit. It unites people and strived to get ahead and win.

In this way, the hardest sport is the one, where you have to put your mobile phone down and start competing with yourself and your previous results. When you play games, excitement runs through your veins. You feel on top of the world every time you hit a new record and see how your efforts are paying off. So, no matter what, keep working, achieving your dreams, and getting new victories.

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