What is the salary of an OSCB Assistant Manager/Banking Assistant?

The Odisha State Central Cooperative Bank is one of the best locations to work in government positions at the regional level, and this must be known from the start. For various reasons, everyone wants to work in the banking industry. To begin with, in this scenario, there is a guarantee of government employment. People from all walks of life aspire to work for the government because it provides reliable stability and benefits.

When the private sector is beset by market volatility, government employment appeals to a broader audience. The OSCB assistant manager role and that of a banking assistant are two attractive options for those with the relevant skills. The possibilities are unlimited, and one can finally develop a successful career in this field. The concept of financial security will be mostly ensured here.

Perks of a government job

  • The OSCB salary is high with lots of perks.
  • There is overall stability to be found.
  • The scope of growth is seen to be immense.
  • There is also a matter of social prestige associated here.
  • People from all walks of life can get a fair chance in this case.

Salary of the concerned posts

Candidates selected for OSCB Bank Jobs 2022 through OSCB Recruitment will be paid remittance according to the following scale, as stated in the OSCB Notification 2021: Every month, a Banking Assistant earns between Rs. 5,200 and Rs. 20,200. Every month, Assistant Manager/System Manager – Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800.

Now, it has to be mentioned here that the posts mentioned above are just the basic salary to consider. Many other benefits fall under the purview of facets concerning salary. Firstly, one will get a dearness allowance here. That forms a significant part of the basic salary, which can be used for multiple purposes.

There is also a Housing rent allowance provided here as per the location of the job, and that amount is also significant to reckon with. However, the accommodations provided can be suitable for any family, and this has to be understood with due concern.

There are also traditional benefits to reckon with here, like medical benefits and other insurance purposes. The selected candidates can even enjoy paid vacations quite often as this too falls under the scheme of lucrative salary at large and must be noted with diligence here.

Probabilities of success

In this situation, the selection method is organized as a competitive test in which the candidates would compete against one another. Therefore, this article will serve as a fair way of ensuring that the entire process is transparent and that no unfair means are used. Candidates that prepare attentively and honestly can succeed here as soon as possible. For them, a government job with all its benefits and stability is on the horizon.

Application method

The complete OSCB application process will be conducted online. The applicants are warned that there will be numerous touts present who will play on the kids’ gullibility and offer a job in exchange for money. As a result, the whole application procedure has been moved online, removing any potential for difficulty, which should be acknowledged with caution.


It is thus evident to reckon with here that many people are attracted towards government jobs of any kind because of the sheer amount of benefits they give. It is true for the OSCB posts as well. As discussed above, the salary provided here is intriguing, and the scope to make progress is huge. Considering the perks, in this case, it is thus established that it can truly be a remarkable and lucrative option for all.

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