What Makes a Quality Batting Glove?

Are you headed out to the batting cages? You’re probably really looking forward to hitting a few balls and enjoying your afternoon. You are probably also very excited to try out your new batting gloves. You will hit a few balls, get done, and you’ll go to take your gloves off and realize you’ve popped a seam. When it comes to batting gloves, you get what you pay for, and there is nothing more frustrating. You want them to last for a while. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when it comes to getting a great quality pair of batting gloves.


Something that is super important when it comes to batting gloves is the mobility that they allow. You need to have a good grip on the bat and be able to hit the ball in the sweet spot. You will need to try on the gloves and make sure that they give you enough movement. The last thing you want to do is not be able to grip the bat properly.


You’ll want to make sure your pair of batting gloves are made with the right material, as well. The best is leather. It is durable, flexible, and it offers you a great grip on the bat. You don’t want to have the bat go flying when you’re trying to hit the ball.

You’ll also want strong durable material to protect your hands. Nothing stings quite like the ball hitting the bat when you’re not wearing batting gloves. Another reason you want durable strong material is because many baseball players use batting gloves for other things besides batting. Some players like to wear them while running the bases so their hands stay protected when they slide. If you’re wearing flimsy gloves, your hands won’t be as safe.

Something you Like

Getting a pair of batting gloves in your team color is something you’ll probably also want. Having them match your uniform can help you look and feel amazing. So finding a company that carries strong durable and well-made batting gloves that come in a variety of colors is also really important.

Correct Sizing

When it comes to sizing, you need to buy batting gloves in exactly the right size. You do not want them to be too tight so you can’t move your fingers. Looking at the sizing chart on the website is crucial to getting the correct size. If you’re not sure, you can always buy gloves in more than one size. Just make sure you check the return policy before ordering something you are unsure about or multiple sizes.

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