What should be in your caravan before going camping?

Caravan camping is a great adventure. Day-to-day hectic life can get hard on our mental and physical health. If you can manage two to three free days and about a sixteen feet caravan like, then you can plan to go on a road trip to enjoy. But, here in this article, we will discuss some handy tips and things that you need to pack before camping. Please scroll below to get the brief discussion with their justification.

Things to pack

Velcro sheets are the first thing to stick inside your caravan before going. It will come in handy to stick hand towels, loose ends of any electrical wiring, bulbs and fan wings. Also, Velcro is a perfect adhesive for the broken cutlery, tools, and tools.

Minimize utilities

Keeping the shoes in order is problematic inside the caravan. You can not go camping with only a pair of crocs. It can be dangerous and have several poisonous animals on the camping site. Hiking boots and rubber gumboots for every member is necessary. You can take up a pole from the tent set and hang it with Velcro sheets. Your make-shift shoe rack is ready to organize your shoes correctly. Your local sports club will sell zip locks and compact bags to organize shoes. About four to five pairs of shoes can quickly go inside these bags. It is another excellent idea to organize things. You can similarly use the tent poles to hang your clothes. Cloth organizer bags are another good idea to keep everything in place. Organizing the cloth according to the function or weather is more helpful than separating every member in the caravan.

Food preparation

Food is the most crucial concern while you go camping. It is better to keep a mini-fridge or refrigerator inside the van to keep everything fresh and edible. During camping, we prefer having high energy foods that are rich in carbohydrates and protein. So, meat and chicken food products are the top choices while shopping for camping. You can buy a bulk amount of meat from the butcher shop and divide it into one serving amount. Then pack it in the plastic zip-lock bag and bring out the air with vacuum suction. Your meat is good to go for several days, and less air will make more space for food storage inside the fridge. Also, if you pack the essential food products and utensils before camping, it will save a lot of money buying street food or raw materials. It is better to process, cut, clean, and pre-cook foods if possible. Pre-packing is not only cost-efficient but also ensures healthy food for you and your family.  Do not think of discarding the leftover foods unless they are about to expire. Immediate freezing can save food for later meals.

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Small organizers

Have separate pencil pouches or cosmetic bags to organize small things like keys, important Pendrive, and such. You can also keep the travel size bottles of cosmetics in these bags. It will not only save space but also provide a money efficient tour experience. Do not forget to pack the small silicon pouches from the stores. It will help you to keep everything dry and in a better functioning state. Disposable gloves are another necessity in the caravan camping lifestyle. There will be insects and such where you need these gloves. Also, gloves will protect your hand during cutting, cleaning, cooking, maintenance job, and many more places. Using gloves is a better alternative than paper towels in a bulk amount every time.

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