Why you should Consider Maui Hawaii for your Golf Vacation 

Hawaii is an Island filled with breathtaking natural beauty; its amazing landscape sloping through ancient lava fields produces a scenery that is both visually captivating and structurally unique and special. 

Often referred to as the “Valley Isle”, Maui, a Hawaiian island known for its beautiful valleys and mountains, is loved by all who visit for its unique array of resorts and golf courses. 

In West Maui, which is centered mainly around the village of Lahaina, golfers are offered about 4 different golf courses at several resorts including Kaanapali Beach Resort and Kapalua Golf which host the PGA’s Tournament of Champions every January.

The Kaanapali golf course is situated on the west of Maui and lies in the center of the Kaanapali Beach Resort. With a large area covered by golden sand, up to 11 luxury hotels and accommodations, three first-class spas and 40 restaurants, you are fully equipped with all you need to enjoy your vacation. Irrespective of what you hope to do during the vacation; from adventure to action or just simply shopping and leisure, the Kaanapali Beach Resort is your one stop shop.

The Kaanapali Resort also includes a Golf Shop for you to buy all you will need for your golfing vacation without having to struggle with carrying these necessities all the way through travel. 

Kaanapali Golf Course offers 36 holes of utterly amazing Maui golf. There are two courses the Kai and the Royal. The Royal course being a tough challenge. Kaanapali Golf also has excellent golf instruction on hand to help get the most out of your game while on vacations featuring Armanini Golf School. Don’t be too proud to get Maui Golf lessons from an elite teaching Pro. It can vastly improve your game and will help you enjoy shooting lower scores.

A few of these necessities include an abundance of golf and resort apparel; from Gift items to blankets for the beach, to silk shirts and conventional logo apparels, you are sure to find something special and original to take home to serve as a memento of your golf vacation at Kaanapali.

Why Should You Consider Maui?

As a golf enthusiast, you will most likely desire the absolute best for your golfing vacation. You should choose a location that is filled with several amazing golf courses that will offer you the best golfing experience during the time spent on vacation. Maui is such a location, with several amazing resorts, like the Kaanapali Beach Resort, equipped with state-of-the-art golf courses for your comfort and to provide the ultimate golfing experience.

Although it is the second largest Hawaiian Island, Maui is sparsely populated, with a population count of about 130,000 and so is truly an ideal destination for a vacation.

Quality should not always mean luxury. You do not need to offer an arm and a leg to pay for a quality vacation in an aesthetically pleasing beach resort. Maui offers quality at a pocket friendly price without compromising the quality of their beach resorts. That means you can get the golfing experience you desire without breaking the bank.

Additionally, all golf courses in Maui will offer golfers on vacation the beautiful and mind calming view of the ocean. Maui has, on one side, the sight of a giant volcano and on the other, the west Maui mountains. As a result of this, the land on the island predominantly slopes towards the water. Choosing Maui as your destination for your golfing vacation will offer you with these breathtaking ocean views while enjoying your golfing experience. 

On Maui, the weather is always ideal to enjoy amazing golf games. During winter, however, the weather might be cooler than normal with lesser amounts of sunlight on the island. Also, during the summertime, the weather is a little bit warmer with more amounts of sunlight.

On Maui, you might experience varying types of weather conditions at different locations on the island. For example, the weather condition in Lahaina is much drier compared to the weather conditions in Hana. Generally, weather conditions in Southern Maui are considered the driest you can find anywhere on the Island.

Maui can help you save money during your vacation. There are several options available to people vacationing in Maui that will help them spend judiciously. Many Maui resorts help travelers save money by offering them options to stay and play. This package offers groupings in the hotel with golf courses and occasionally groups also with breakfast choices and other amazing perks.

Also, most golfers on the island prefer playing sport in the morning, and because of this, there is usually a discounted rate for people willing to wait until afternoon to golf. If you want to save money, you can hang on till 11am or 2pm to golf at a discounted price.

Apart from experiencing the  beauty of Maui and experiencing nature coming alive to you, vacationing in Maui will also expose you to wonderful resorts that are guaranteed to provide the total Aloha experience and leave you wanting more. Why don’t you go discover why exactly Maui is the place where the world goes to enjoy golfing at its peak? All the peoples love red balloons which is uncommon color.

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