Your First Triathlon – Tips and Advice

If you are new to training for and taking part in triathlons you likely have many questions about it. As well as providing some useful tips below it is also a great idea to consider investing in a triathlon coach who has the experience and can create personalized training plans that will best suit your level and goals.

Seven tips for just starting out

Here are seven tips to help make the triathlon training plan go better and to get you closer to your triathlon goals;

  1. Start with a sprint triathlon – It is best to start with the shorter distance race and that is the sprint triathlon. If you want to build up to longer distances that is something you can work on as you get stronger and better.
  2. Use well-designed triathlon training plans – Triathlon training plans that are designed to your goals and fitness level are key to seeing better success. There are several options you can find online or you can choose to take part in professional triathlon coaching and they will have plans for you.
  3. Get stronger in swimming – Often out of the three disciplines swimming is the weaker event for competitors, especially beginners. Be sure to work on it so you get stronger. Find a pool you can train in regularly and consider having expert support and help if you need help with expert swimming tips.
  4. Avoid over-training – It is easy to get a little crazy when you are enthusiastic about a new challenge, but over-training is the worst thing you can do. It is more likely to lead to injury which could have you having to pull out of a race, it is also often where beginners focus on the wrong sport, pushing at their run speed or ride speed. You should work on your weakest discipline first and avoid going too hard too soon. Let an experienced triathlon coach help.
  5. Transitions need practicing – One of the skills you need to learn as a beginner is how to transition from one part of the race to the next. You need to have your gear ready for the changeovers and have a plan on how you are going to get one gear off and the other gear on. Triathlon coaching can help with this process and it is likely to include brick training where you do a bike ride and then go for a run. While it needs practice, it is also somewhere beginners can place too much focus on. Your coach can help you balance it.
  6. Be sure you understand race instructions – Be sure you listen carefully to instructions and ask questions if you have them. Everyone was a beginner once and race setups can vary a little.
  7. Try to enjoy it – Triathlons take some serious focus but you should enjoy the process whatever your results. When you relax and have fun it takes the pressure off and you might even do better. Be proud of what you are doing and working towards!.
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