Your Guide to Choosing the Right Memorial Plaque

Losing our loved ones pushes us to look for ways to preserve their memories. The memories that we had shared with the departed keep them alive in our hearts. While there are many ways to do this, selecting the perfect memorial plaque is undoubtedly one of the best ways.

Meanwhile, memorial plaques can say a lot about the departed person when chosen consciously. They are weather-resistant and can stay intact for many decades without much need for refurbishment.

Here are some helpful details that will enable you to pick the perfect plaque to commemorate your loved one.

Different Types 

1. Etched 

The letters in these plaques are engraved through a chemical process. The chemical chips off parts of the metal sheet to create texts and designs in the plaque. Chosen colours then fill these hollows or recessed portions. This process allows for more sophisticated line work.

2. Cast

Prefabricated moulds are used to create cast plaques. Molten metals are then poured inside the moulds and left to cool down and solidify. In most cases, cast plaques have raised lettering and graphics that jut out from the surface.

3. Painted and Chemical Patina

Plaques can be artificially coloured or left intact in their natural colours. They are coloured primarily using two methods: using paint or chemical patina.

In the case of chemical patina, the plaque is subjected to a chemical and left to oxidise. The change in colour through this method is more permanent than using paints to coat plaques.

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4. Photo Rendered Portraits 

Photo rendered plaques include a portrait image of the departed person. This process digitally imprints each image into the metal plaque with high definition and accuracy.

If one wants to include the image of their departed, this is an excellent option to consider. It takes less effort and time to produce than other options.

5. Bas-relief 

In this method, an artist will hand-carve and create a moulded clay sculpture of the subject from the photograph. The mould will then be cast using a metal such as bronze or aluminium to make the plaque.

Plaques created by this method look more elegant and sophisticated. But it is also costlier and more time consuming than photo-rendered plaques.

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Different Designs 

One can ask for a custom plaque shape as per choice. Custom plaques are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But the three mentioned below are the most preferred designs of memorial plaques:

  • Oval– It allows more space to include longer texts or elements. The shape is also said to symbolise peace and harmony.
  • Circle– It has less space to include texts and elements compared to the oval. A circle is said to symbolise protection and care.
  • Rectangle – It allows plenty of space to inscribe texts, images and shapes of different lengths. One of the advantages is that it can be affixed to most structures. This shape is said to symbolise integrity and balance.

The Message 

Usually, people write “In memory of,” followed by the person’s name and dates corresponding to his or her life. But you can also include a line or paragraph that resonates with the departed’s character as well.

To do this, take some time and ponder about their interests. For instance, you may think about the departed’s:

  • Favourite movies
  • Favourite places for going on trips
  • Favourite books
  • Favourite quotes

In limiting the choices to their favourite things, coming up with something that perfectly resonates with their nature will become easier.

These are some of the factors that one can consider before getting a memorial plaque to pay homage to the memories of our loved ones in the best way possible.

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