3 Exiting Matches in Cricket History

There’re many exacting matches and occurrences on the cricket field. A lot of avid cricket lovers find this hard to overlook. They often reminisce regarding the great past matches. Here are we are going to talk about such three exciting games in the history of cricket world. 

Australia vs. West Indies:

The 1975 Australia vs. England World cup final was an exciting match. This was their 2nd match after Australia failed to win against West Indies in the group stage. The game did not lack in thrills and excellent play. The final began when West Indies struck for approximately 291 runs. On the other hand, Australia team with 157 runs. Australia’s Gilmour did the bowling, with five wickets for the team. Team Australia had quite a good run throughout the whole match. Yet, things required a flip for the tougher when 5 Australian batsmen faced run out when attempting to running for some more runs. If Australia team’s batsmen were significantly less careless, they could gain a quick win. Nevertheless, the WI took benefits of the circumstance and earned the championship only by 17 runs.

Australia vs. South Africa: 

One more World Cup performed in England in 1999. In this match, Australia has won the stage match in opposition to South Africa by 5. They met once again in the semi-finals. South Africa joined the game with self-confidence; they were about to win. Team South Africa was going to reach the first-ever finals. Nevertheless, their phobia received the greatest of them.

SA’s useful pace bowler Allan Donald, remained in place while Lance Klusener attempted for the run. The uncertainty resulted in a run-out plus a draw. While Donald ultimately began running, Fleming’s armpit throw was about its approach to Gilchrist’s arms. However, it was very late. Australia triumphed in and went in the final.

India vs. Australia

Australia and India have had fierce competition through the ages, with Australia generally predominant in the Twentieth century. In 2001 test match which takes place over five days, Australia was absolute to add the 17th consecutive victory to the test record. What creates the 2001 game exciting is the reality that India unsuccessful in scoring good runs in the initial batting innings; therefore, they needed to take the second innings immediately. The team was in the back of my 270 runs then. Team 

Australia was not able to gain 384 runs within 75 overs, as a result on the final moment of the match team India defeated Australia by 171 runs. It was an exciting cricket match, indeed.

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