5 types of ideal employees that any company needs

Every employee has unique characteristics, but there are certain types that people with certain qualities fall under. We have collected five types of employees, each of which should be present in any company.

Articles about employees focus a lot on slackers, idiots, and energy vampires. These guys take a big hit to productivity, and unless you have patience and a couple of cups of coffee, going to their office is a pretty useless idea. Sometimes it seems like they’re everywhere.

But that’s not true. Not surprisingly, the Workforce Managers Association’s 2020 survey found that 44% of employee relationships are “very important.” Surprisingly, 79% of employees are happy with their work relationships.

So maybe our employees aren’t as bad as we want them to think? There are several types of people who can be surprisingly helpful. When hiring a new manager, consider this: here are five types of employees you need in any office.

Dream Employee #1: The Integrator

Integrators are described in Deloitte’s Business Chemistry framework of the auditing company Deloitte, which defines personality patterns. Integrators broadly understand the context of the task at hand and can bring people together around it. Integrators often accumulate many opinions and are able to assemble a common approach with which to move forward.

They mostly want to be part of a group, but some need time alone to analyze what is going on around them. Integrators love making new connections, have a high level of empathy and a good sense of detail, so they are good at reading people and understanding their needs. This is the person you need to build and motivate your team. Usualy uses time tracking and invoicing software for optimal resource allocation

Dream Employee #2: The Innovator

Robin Marks, director of workforce development at the University of Delaware’s Career Services Center, where she researches employee types, says innovators are always looking for new ways to solve problems. Innovators look at a variety of situations with fresh eyes and look for ways to build a process more efficiently. These people are ideal for finding better ways to automate routine processes or fix systems that aren’t working well.

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Dream Employee #3: Lawyer

We always need someone to watch our backs. Marks says that lawyers are never afraid to stand up for themselves or another person’s position if they feel someone is not getting what they deserve. Attorneys quickly grasp what team members need to work more effectively and start working to get it. They want to do right by the people they work with, especially if it correlates to their needs. The same applies to customer service, Marks argues.

Dream Employee #4: The Bridge

Another type of valuable employee is a Bridge, one of the ‘middle men’ as they are called in the book ‘The Middleman Economy: How Brokers, Agents, Dealers, and Everyday Matchmakers Create Value and Profit’ by Marina Krakowski. Bridges serve as conduits of information and connections. They work well as communicators because of their large and diverse network of connections. Bridges don’t have to be top managers; they can be at any level of a company’s hierarchy, Krakowski says. However, they are the bearers of the ability to connect you to the people and information you need.

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“You can regard such people as data brokers, information traders. Often, they intercept useful information that may have been uttered in the wrong place and move it to the place where its application would be just right,” says the author.

Dream Employee #5. Pioneer

Need new ideas? Then you need a Pioneer. Another type defined by Deloitte. These visionaries are great for visionaries. They can discern various aspects of a project or problem and come up with new ways to improve or solve it. Just don’t expect the Pioneer to be attentive to detail and get things done. But if you need the big picture overall, then these people can bring a lot to the company process. яндекс

“If you need to change the angle of the problem or try something completely new, these are the people who love an innovative approach,” says Kim Christfort, director of Deloitte’s Leadership Center for Clients.

Each of these employees will be suited to specific tasks in the company process, and by bringing them together, your team is unlikely to face challenges that are beyond their grasp.

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