8 Flowers Whose Fragrance Last the Longest

An awe-inspiring energy from nature, Flowers have beautiful fragrance, colours and patterns that make it one of the most lovely things on this earth. A single flower can do wonders when it comes to calming and relieving the person of stress and anxiety and to make their day a beautiful and memorable one. The beauty of admirable blossoms light up your garden in an instance and also helps the birds and flies to get relaxed. There are a wide variety of flowering plants in the world that are known for their uniqueness and speciality and some for their beautiful shape whereas there are some flowers that are  known for their adorable fragrance that lights up the atmosphere with its aroma. Scented flowers add a touch of natural elements in the surroundings and make us feel better. Today, in this  article, we are going to talk about flowers whose fragrance lasts longer and lightens up people’s mood. Here are some flowers with their amazing fragrance that can fill any room with its aroma in an instance.

Tuberose: Also known as Rajnigandha, this traditional flower has the strongest perfume and an exceptionally elegant appearance. This flower is a bulbous perennial plant that bears flowers for only two to three years in its lifespan. This ideal flower with its strong and long lasting fragrance is used in devotional as well as wedding ceremonies and is known to freshen up the surroundings in an instant. These flowers can remain original for three days in a row.

Jasmine: You all must have experienced the fragrance of Jasmine and must have wondered where that refreshing smell came from. This popular fragrant flower can grow in your home and is a perennial climber which you can grow by planting huge-sized bushes near it. There are other species of Jasmine flowers like Jai, Juhi, Chameli, and more that are known to have an aromatic smell. These flowers with their smell can last up to two days.

Roses: Roses have a very delicate and mild fragrance and therefore it is one of the most  popular flowers that is loved by all. The scent of roses is evocative for  all occasions and is also known to have some essential oils that are known to have a healing element. Roses are never rejected for their fragrance whether it is  about decorating a place with these blooms or about giving them to your loved ones as a gift.

Parijat: Well-known as a night blooming shrub, this shrub is also mentioned in the Indian Literature and praised for its beautiful scent. The shrubs blossom at night and with its lovely coloured  flowers and fragrance light up the night with their beautiful aroma.

Hyacinth: A sweet scented flower, the fragrance of this flower is similar to that of a lavender and is almost found everywhere. This plant has bright and beautiful coloured flowers that spring for a long duration. The abundant flowers in a Hyacinth plant live for two weeks and do not require any kind of support to maintain their originality.

Gardenia: Be it a small party or any wedding celebrations, Gardenia is the flower that is known for its  beautiful fragrance. Not only does the flower have a long-lasting scent but also bring natural decor to the environment. These flowers are known to bloom in the early summer and last the whole of summer and require  well-draining soil.

Lavender: With a distinctive and unique scent, Lavender flower is known for its healing and soothing properties. The scent from Lavender flowers is long lasting and has a calm effect on people and is hence used for preparing body oils, body wash and spa kit. Scented lavender candles are also popular these days that are known to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Freesia: These flowers mostly grow in the winter season and emit a scent that fills the air with freshness. With various colours like white, blue, orange and lavender, these flowers grow in different seasons and you can choose a colour according to your own occasion.

Different types of flowers have different scents that make them unique and offer a calming effect on our body and soul. This Raksha Bandhan do not forget to deliver beautiful fragrant flowers along with an adorable online rakhi to the USA to make the day of your siblings a memorable one.

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