Bedroom Colors to Keep You Happy

Getting out of bed every morning for school or work is not always very exciting. However, having a bedroom to wake up that improves your mood can make waking up the fun and motivating. Colors and lights have a lasting effect on our mood. You can use color in the walls, bedding, and furniture or room accessories. Here are some colors for your bedroom that will help uplift your mood.


Lavender is a color preference that is very popular. It is generally considered cool-toned and can go with the rest of your décor. Lavender is a good choice for the bedroom as you choose to tone it down with colors like white or you can add a pop of bright colors and make it look fun and exciting. Lavender color also allows you to experiment with textures and patterns and they do not look too much with the subtle color.

Dark Green

Not a very popular choice which is what makes it special. Dark green can look extremely elegant in your bedroom if paired with the perfect wall accessories and furniture. Green is usually inspired by nature and so has a soothing effect on our mood. It can complement many other colors like brown, grey, and other earthy tones.

Baby Pink

Pink is usually considered a feminine color and many women choose it to be a part of their room. It is an excellent color for walls, furnishing, and even bedding. You can choose to have an all-pink room and choose wooden textures to go with it. The pink color is also a popular choice for someone who likes traditional decor for their room.

Sky Blue

Soft blue is soothing, fun, and comforting at the same. It adds that dreamy factor to your room. It is also a very practical color for your walls as a color combination with sky blue goes very well. This allows you to change the décor of your room more often. So, it offers versatility. You can choose to make it fun with bright-colored bedding or give it a subtle vibe with white furnishing.


Earthy tones never go out of trend. They always bring out the elegance of your room and make them look spacious. You can choose to pair grey walls with a hint of indigo and green. You can opt to choose a bright solid colored rug with your grey room if it tends to look boring and dull.

Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow is always a good choice for rooms as it is bright and cheery. However, you should not go too overboard in choosing colors for your furnishing, rugs, and bedding. White complements lemon yellow and can make your room look bright and spacious. You can also tone it down with grey and create a more subtle look for the bedroom. However, make sure you choose a lemon-yellow color for a room that has ample sunlight so the room does not look dark and dingy.


A huge advantage of having this color in your bedroom is that you can pair it with almost any color. It is mostly the color for vintage bedrooms and traditional décor however you can pair it up with colors like dark purple and give your room a modern vibe.

Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue is an unpopular choice and it can be a risky choice for a bedroom as it is unconventional. However, it is a perfect color for those who want to make a bold statement. Choose a glossy finish in cobalt blue and pair it with ceiling lights or a chandelier to avoid making your room look small and dark.


Off-white is pretty much a popular choice among homeowners. However, it is not boring. Depending on which colors you pair it with your room can have a different look. You can add brighter colors with a subtle taupe shade to make your room look fun and interesting or you can add more earthy tones to make your room look subtle and warm.

Royal Purple

Purple is a royal color and can add a touch of royalty to your room. Color combinations with purple can be many depending on the kind of look you are going for. Purple looks amazing with yellow, pink, white, and grey. You choose the shade based on how loud you want your room to look.


Beige is one of those colors that work well with everything. It is easier to choose the right accessories, rugs, and bedding for your beige-colored room. It especially looks good with white, and other earthy tones. You can play around with different tones of brown to create an elegant look.

Mint Green

This is an extremely elegant choice. When paired with the right lighting it can give your room a royal look. You can add colors like lemon yellow to make your room your room look brighter or you choose a darker shade of green with oak wood furniture and warm lighting to create a unique look.


Peach is a popular pick among females. Peach will give your room a warm, comforting vibe. You can choose bright white framed abstract art to complement your peach walls. A bright pink rug with modern-looking furniture can create a fun look for your room.

Final Thoughts

All of us want to wake up to a lively, bright room. However, choosing the right color combinations for your room can become daunting. This article has many different ideas while you can get more from an interior designer. While you take care of the décor of your home, make sure you also take care of the maintenance, utilities, and Home Electrical Repair. These are as important as the aesthetics of your home.

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