Before buying the ‘Powerball Lottery,’ check the ‘Lucky Number’ probability in this draw

Many people would agree that nowadays people worldwide play more and more “Powerball lottery,” whether it is buying Powerball every 1st and 16th of each month, including playing the underground lottery All those who like to try to find “lucky numbers” in hopes of winning the lottery and getting rich more accessible.

But did you know? Getting lucky numbers or favorite numbers to buy “lottery” may not come from something sacred as you think. Because the survey results came out that Most of the lottery purchases were rewarded more from luck and coincidence of each person.

Besides being a matter of personal luck, that someone will have a chance to “win the lottery,” a case of “Probability theory” is also involved.

“Win the Powerball lottery” is less likely than “lost the lottery.”

There is information from Asst. Prof. Amnat Wang Chin, academician in applied mathematics. School of General Education Sripatum University has previously provided information in an academic article that people who like to gamble by buying lottery often bought without educational principles. “Probability Theory” Makes You More Money than Winning.

When deciding to buy a “lottery” each time, gamblers need the best website to buy Powerball lottery-like 파워볼사이트. Gamblers tend to look at the return rather than the opportunity to lose money; for example, some people like to lose money to buy the last 3 numbers often, with the view that they have a higher return than buying the last 2 numbers. The risk of purchasing the last 3 digits increases the risk of not winning a prize (2 digit lottery, much less chance of 3 numbers).

Probability theory is the probability of an event occurring. It has a value between 0-1; it means less chance if it’s close to 0. But if the value is close to 1, it means there is a high probability of occurrence. Playing the lottery each time, the result comes out only “right” and “wrong” when thinking according to the theory of probability, which is

Expected return = sum of (amount to gain x chance of being right) – (amount to lose x chance of being wrong).

If you want to “win the Powerball lottery,” how many chances does the 1st prize have?

Asst. Prof. Amnat Wangchin also stated that if the principle of probability theory Lets calculate that the chance that someone will win the lottery for the 1st prize from buying the lottery is minimal, 1 in a million!

In addition, the results of the analysis revealed that the lottery has meager expectations of playing. Every time you buy lottery tickets, there is a chance to win all types of prizes togetherWhether the award of 1, 2, 3 or Digit 2-3 just 0.014 or 1.4 percent only, if the comparison. “Expectation return” means if playing the lottery continuously. Will lose more money accumulated as well.

Most people have a mistaken belief about which lucky number to buy. If it’s not right, follow that person regularly. Then there will be cheaper chances of changing the numbers all the time, which is an incorrect belief because it’s like picking a random Ping-Pong ball and putting it back in the box. When new, the chance of getting the same child is not different from other children. No matter how many times you pick it up. On the other hand, you need an excellent website to buy Powerball lottery such as 파워볼전용사이트.

Therefore, it can conclude that all lottery types will have a value of “negative,” meaning that the dealer or the lottery will always have an advantage.

How many chances do people who buy “lottery” have “rich”?

There is also information from the problem gambling center that explains in the same direction that buying a “lottery” tends to cost buyers more money than winning prizes, stating that government lottery has 6 digits, every combination has 1,000,000 unique numbers. 14,168 awards mean that each lottery purchase has a chance of winning only 1.4168% but has a chance of losing up to 98.5832%.

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