Brand New For Years: Detailing Is What Your Car Needs

Have you ever had your car professionally detailed? If you’ve only ever gotten as far as a car wash, you might be surprised how big the difference professional car detailing makes. It’s hard to thoroughly clean cars with all of the removable auto parts and components that need to be washed, wiped, and polished. Professionals can do the job and assure you of a squeaky-clean car in the time of one weekend. So just what exactly happens to your car, and why should you get this service done in the first place? Read on and find out.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of your car is more delicate than you might think. It’s the part of your car that is most vulnerable to the elements, so careful craftsmanship and design go into making sure that it can withstand considerable damage from external elements. But that doesn’t mean that it’s completely immune, and that says nothing for potential aesthetic degradation. Exterior detailing can go a long way into making sure your car is cleaned with the appropriate products to preserve your paint job.

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How Is It Done?

The first step is spraying your machine down with chemical solutions that can break down even the most stubborn stains while still protecting delicate surfaces. When done right, this shouldn’t cause any damage to your car’s exterior. Next, the various removable parts of your car, from the door jamb to the glass on the windows, are wiped down thoroughly. Any impurities left can be retouched with clay bars. In the end, your car is wiped down to avoid water spots and residual spray.

Finally, to restore the original shine, your car is polished, sealed and waxed. From the wheels to the windows, every part of the exterior should be thoroughly checked and cleaned to restore your car to its original condition.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing, on the other hand, covers the inside of your car. You might think that all it takes to clean your interior is regular vacuuming of the seats, but often, there are corners and crevices that are hard to reach that need just as much cleaning. Detailers employ tried and tested techniques and are required to use industry-grade tools.

How Is It Done?

Vacuuming the interior should be done first to remove debris. The vacuuming process should cover the seats, the trunk, the cargo area, and the main headliners. The floor mats will be removed first and vacuumed separately to prevent dirt from getting under the seats. When cleaning the mats or the carpets, specific tools like brushes and steam cleaners are used to effectively remove stains.

The last step is to carefully clean the interior glass. You can be assured that professional detailers will only use cleaning solutions that won’t damage your glass surface. It’s possible to also request spray deodorant to get rid of stubborn smells in the interior. If you get your car detailed, you should expect everything from your car’s interior to even the rims and wheels to be properly inspected and cleaned.

To extend your car’s lifespan and improve its appearance, professional car detailing services are a worthwhile investment.   While having your car superficially washed can make your car look presentable,  regularly having your car professionally detailed can ensure that your machine stays squeaky-clean for a long time, inside and out.

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