Crystal Palace Denied Man City To Have Title Initiative

Recently, Crystal Palace tried their best to deny Manchester City the initiative to get the championship title for the Premier League in their match at Selhurst Park that ended up with 0-0. The goalless draw means that Liverpool will have a chance to close the gap with one point in their upcoming match against Arsenal on Wednesday where you can watch live soccer K+.

In intense football action at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace had a double league lead over Man City since the 1987/88 season. They demonstrated a fierce resistance against Pep Guardiola’s team, who were left frustrated because of the goalless draw.

Match highlights

Man City faced off against Vicente Guaita, who intelligently prevented Riyad Mahrez from making a decisive save following Kevin de Bruyne struck the ball in the post before the first hour time. It wasn’t the first time the visitors struck a post, Joao Cancelo’s shot was disrupted by Aymeric Laporte in the first half when it rebounded on the crossbar.

City tried to turn things around in the second period but they couldn’t get past Guaita who heavily guarded the goal of Palace. What this means is that City’s rival Liverpool can gain one point under them if they happen to win in their upcoming match against Arsenal on Wednesday night with a 12/7 odds on soi keo cambongda.

How does Palace manage to fend off against City?

Despite having 46 touches and 18 shots, City were met with a strong defense of Palace. The home team became the second team that prevented Guardiola’s team to score in their home and away games in the Premier League next to Manchester United back in the 2020/21 season.

Pep Guardiola admitted that they already expected a tricky match against Crystal Palace. Meanwhile, Patrick Vieira stated that he encourages his players to play with personality and they need to demonstrate a clinical precision if they want to succeed.

Guardiola said they tried their best

Man City used to have a 14 point lead against Liverpool although having played two matches already, City Coach Guardiola said that it would always go down to fate.

According to an interview with Guardiola, he said “In the end, we did everything we could despite what the result was. We have prepared intensely for this match and we thank Crystal Palace for giving us a good game.”

“We have one more game that we need to play in the season and we still have four points to our name. I want to make a few changes during the international break. I want to improve the gameplay of my players and teach them to control their skills and master themselves.”

“I know my men were good, however, Palace showed us a fierce resistance and we were shocked by their incredible display of skills. In the end, we still had a good time, it was a good game,” he added.

Vieira enjoyed good record against City

Crystal Palace Coach Patrick Vieira had spoken about the decisive match against Man City.

He said, “In the game against City, sometimes you need external factors in order to win against them. I am so proud of the performance that my boys showed tonight,” he added.

The bottom line

Now that the initiative to gain the championship title goes to Liverpool, they will now have time to go neck-and-neck against Manchester City with odds in online football. The fruitless draw has prompted Man City to improve their form and their defenses.

Clearly, what is needed is a strong attacking power that can crush the opponent’s defenses. What Crystal Palace demonstrated is an indicator that even if they are in the middle of the score table, they can still be a threat to a forerunner.

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