Dice Control IRL and Online: Is It Possible?

Dice is an undemanding and still gripping game casino giants like N1 Bet offer. And, of course, if there is a game, that means there are people that have attempted to control it. Gambling experts cannot agree on whether or not dice control is absolute. Many people believe that casino goers can manipulate the outcome of rolls, but others claim it’s nothing more than a legend. 

There is no definitive answer because no studies can back up either assertion. However, many gamblers claim that dice control has helped them win big at casinos. While it’s difficult to determine whether or not dice control is genuine, it’s an intriguing topic to research.

How that works theoretically

Let’s start with the most basic information. Provably fair Craps the best online casinos offer is a game of luck, which implies that each roll outcome is entirely random and unpredictable. That said, there are methods to tilt the odds in your favor slightly. Yet, they work in physical casinos solely because lawful online casinos have advanced systems that ensure there is no predetermined course. 

By using a predetermined arrangement of dice, called a dice set, you are tapping into an opportunity to roll higher numbers becomes slightly more likely but with the caveat that any number can be moved even if it’s not probable. You’re essentially increasing your chances for success without sacrificing complete control.

Let’s move on to online craps. When you play at an internet casino, the dice are rolled by a computer program, which means they aren’t truly random. In other words, predicting what numbers will come up more frequently than others is feasible.

Nevertheless, it’s not always fast and easy to determine which numbers will be rolled, and it’s certainly not something that can be done every time. Even if you had the uncanny ability to foresee the results of each roll perfectly, successfully making money playing online craps would still be nearly impossible. So, while you can impact the outcome of a game of craps using specific methods, you cannot control it completely. If your goal is to win money playing craps more often than losing it, then your best course of action is finding a good dice set and taking advantage of it. Otherwise, your odds are precisely equal for either scenario happening.

How can a player control the dice to have an advantage over the casino?

That was a challenging issue to tackle. Players were utilizing the seven-to-rolls ratio (SRR), which assesses the average number of tosses it takes for one 7 to appear. SRR, on the other hand, is very imprecise statistically and needs 5,000 or more rolls to say anything insightful about your dice control. More significantly, it doesn’t offer any mathematical foundation for optimizing dice sets and calculating maximum player edge.

Can dice control help your gambling?

Control of dice is maintaining and consistently throwing dice to achieve desired outcomes. Players attempt to keep the dice from spinning and “kissing” them off the back wall. Dice control experts claim that limiting randomness inherent with typical craps tosses can help them improve their odds.

The idea of using a dice wall to bounce throws off has long been debated, especially since official craps throws must strike a diamond-patterned surface. Many gamers are skeptical about dice control, given that it appears challenging to influence randomness when dice hit the diamond pattern. However, controlled shooting supporters contend that this is possible if people put out enough effort.

What’s the difference between a “random” versus “nonrandom” dice shooter?

When most shooters play, they pick up the dice and throw them down the table so that they hit the back wall with a thud. Then, they bounce around until eventually coming to rest against said wall. That is considered a typical random roll of the dice, something that we know happens mathematically quite often (i.e., 7 will be thrown out every six rolls).

The casino will always have the edge over players as long as the dice behave randomly. On the other hand, the rolls of dice controllers are nonrandom over time because they can influence which numbers appear on the dice. Because of their nonrandom rolls, skilled dice controllers have transformed craps.

Final words

Dice control is an interesting strategy (somewhat) that shows how gamblers have innovative and skill-based approaches. Yet, please do not try to cheat like that in casinos. Such tricks are nice when you want to surprise people in a friendly environment. Trying such things during gaming sessions, in turn, is not fair. And remember that online casinos will not let a gambler alter the system; so, do not create extra problems for yourself playing at an online gambling site. 

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