How Lindsay Hofford’s Early Years Contributed to His Leadership

Lindsay Hofford started life with a humble upbringing and a quadriplegic father and now teaches leadership skills in hockey across the country.

He grew up with a dad who was a quadriplegic, and is now a renowned name in the world of Canadian hockey. That’s Lindsay Hofford. Lindsay had an upbringing with two exceptional Canadian parents, and it was a humble upbringing that taught him leadership skills from his earliest years.

Today, Lindsay Hofford is a Canadian hockey coach who has worked as a scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs and also worked as the Director of Hockey for the Hill Academy Prep School in Vaughan, Ontario. His career spans several decades, and it all centers around his key passion of hockey.

Lindsay Hofford’s Early Years

Lindsay Hofford was born in Sudbury, to two loving parents. His mom hailed from Scotland, where his father was a born and bred Canadian. It was a humble beginning to life, with his dad in a Sudbury mine, and his mom running the house during the day.

By the age of two, his father would become a quadriplegic from a swimming accident. Lindsay was too young at the time to have too many memories of his father, and says that he only has one or two memories of his dad walking in his life.

After his father’s accident, Lindsay had to help his mom and two siblings take care of him. His mom would have to go to work. He would help to tend to his every need, from feeding to dressing him. He watched his dad still raise him from his chair into the leader he has become today.

Lindsay Hofford as a Leader

After high school, Lindsay Hofford attended the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, where he nurtured his passion for hockey. He played for the University of Guelph Guelph Gryphons, and couldn’t shake the good ol’ Canadian hockey bug. It is a bug that he has turned into a profession today.

Lindsay began developing his hockey leadership as a hockey coach and scout that would coach the London Knights in the OHL. He also served as a hockey scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL. He was soon promoted to the Eastern Director of Scouting for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a position he still excels in today.

While serving the NHL, Lindsay Hofford took his leadership skills one step further by developing the company known as Pro Hockey Development. It is considered one of the best hockey development companies in Canada, where hockey passions are turned into hockey dreams.

Lindsay is not overt about his upbringing and doesn’t mention it much. But his love for his parents as the root of his success is evident. In their later years, they lived with Lindsay and his family in both London and Lethbridge. He would say they both taught him how to be responsible and productive members of any community he is living in. It is a success model built from humble beginnings, touching similar lives all over the country.

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