How to Fix [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] Error in Outlook

Before discussing the [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] error of Microsoft Outlook, we should know about Microsoft Outlook? and how it works.

What Is Microsoft Outlook?

To start with, Microsoft Outlook is an email user agent that allows emails to be sent and retrieved. Besides, it will assist you in managing multiple tasks: calendering, correspondence management, note-taking, web searching, tracking of papers, etc.
Microsoft Outlook is better for us than emails: it provides a range of realistic features and functions. It’s good for us.

What Is [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] Error?

[pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] is one of Microsoft Outlook users’ most common errors. When your Outlook is unable to work, then it arises. Behind this may be several different explanations. It reveals that your email contains something wrong.
This article discusses how you can fix this [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] error and why you faced this error in your Outlook email. Let’s get started.

Why does [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] occur?

Typically this error [pii email e7ab94772079efbbcb25] happens due to program installation failure. Some faults can trigger this problem in the application files generated during the installation process.

This mistake is most likely caused by the cache and cookies caused by mixing them with separate accounts.
The old version of the software can be said to be a less common cause of this error.
There will be more chances of this error if you keep the MS Outlook app with old and unused data.

If you are using multiple accounts, MS Outlook stores your data so that these multi accounts may create some bugs or [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] like errors.
When you install the program, it also happens.
Also, a broken or corrupted program can create this kind of problem.
Feud with other programs is also a common cause for [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] error.
If your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server found any issue, it also can affect and create this error code.

How to fix [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] error?

As we have understood why the error [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] occurs, I will now share some helpful methods to fix this error.

Method:1- Try to Clear Cookies, and Cache

The most frequent sources of this error are faulty or compromised cookies and cache data to eliminate these corrupted files. We must clear cache and cookies to get rid of these infected data.s, we have to clear cache and cookies.
While pressing (Ctrl +H) in your browser settings, you can quickly clear these files.
The incognito or private tab of your browser can be used to search the files which trigger the problem. If the error [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] is occurring on your incognito tab, it means that you have to remove cache and cookies from the regular browser. After that, you can use Outlook without error, usually.

Method: 2- Use one Particular account to access Microsoft Outlook

Usage of multiple accounts on the same browser causes conflict with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.

Follow these steps to fix such errors:

● You should logout from all accounts of Microsoft Outlook.
● Press (Ctrl +Alt +Del) to clear all background processes.
● Log in with one particular account.
● Finally, you are error-free.

Method: 3- Use Auto Repair Tool(Microsoft office 365)

If no methods are working, then you try to repair corrupted files.
Here are the steps:
● Go to Control Panel
● Select the Application and Function icon
● Open Outlook
● Go File > Settings.
● The select email address which is showing the issue
● Click “Continue”
● After finishing the repair, click “Finish.”
● Now an error is no more.

Method:4- Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Outlook Program

If your app is outdated, you can uninstall the old one and re-install the newer and updated app.

How To Un-installing:
● Click start button
● Search control panel
● Click Uninstall a program.
● Find Outlook
● Uninstall the app
How to Remove:

Download Outlook’s new version. Download the program and link to your account. It’s no fault now.

Method: 5- Use Windows 7 or 8 operating system

In case of an error code [pii email e7ab94772079efbbcb25], these options are not helpful. There will be compatibility problems with the update of MSOutlook and your operating system.

This is because developers need more time to release the revised version of the program for the newest operating systems, such as Windows 10.
We have firmly proposed that you attempt to fix this error code on an older operating system such as MS Windows 7 or 8. You can go and try the next & last move until these strategies solve your dilemma.

Method: 6- Talk to Microsoft About The Error.

If your issue continues, the last option is to talk to a Microsoft Outlook team. Follow these steps:
Go to settings windows.
Search email
Click on “get help.”
You will connect to the Microsoft team.

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