How to Predict a Tennis Match

If you want to make money betting on tennis, forecasting an upcoming match is essential for success. Many statistics are available to aid this process such as world rankings of tennis players and player profiles’ performance data.

Stats can help you Professional Tennis h2h predictions today who will win a tennis contest, but there are numerous betting markets you could take advantage of to increase profits.

If two gamers with similar records meet in competition, it can be challenging to choose the victor. If statistics show that many of their matches went to a final set then you may place bets on that outcome. betting tips and predictions are made available thanks to our dedicated community members, making them accessible for all users. While we encourage users to join in order to reap its additional advantages, these betting tips remain open and accessible regardless of membership status or frequency of visits.

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Keep An Eye On The Tennis World Rankings

The rankings of tennis world players are determined by how many points a player earned during the past year, primarily determined by points earned at tournaments throughout that year. More points are awarded when reaching certain tournament levels such as Grand Slams of Association of Tennis Professionals for males as well as ATP Masters 1000 events are worth more than those of ATP 500 events and 250 events.

Rankings are calculated on an ongoing 12-month cycle and, thus, may change drastically within that time. A player who won a tournament 12 months prior may find their total points decreased significantly once that victory no longer count toward them.

Professional sports, like any sport, is composed of players at different stages in their development – some at peak ability while others have reached their maximum and are now on the decline. World rankings provide an effective means of tracking player progress in this category.

Check Tennis Head-To-Heads

Head-to-head statistics provide an effective means of anticipating the outcome of a tennis match. They do this by showing past results for both players, along with event breakdown that provides information such as surfaces where success was gained or tournament wins won by each one.

Results for matches played on clay, grass indoor hard court or outdoor hard court surfaces are now available, along with score updates for every game played. Player A could have faced off against player B for five games, with A winning four times while B won once – though all their victories may have come on hard courts as opposed to clay courts where B triumphed.

Depending on whether the next game takes place on clay, you could easily find value odds on Player B winning. A closer examination of their stats reveals that all five matches between these teams were best of three sets and each final game was won in straight sets rather than two – providing another opportunity to place bets on this matchup.

Look At Player Profile Performance Statistics

Searching the internet is a great way to quickly identify tennis player profiles that can help you make money betting on tennis. The most useful of these contain information that could enable you to do just that.

Bios of players provide basic details, such as whether or not the individual is left- or right-handed and whether they use single or double-handed rearhand play. But these biographies also can help you generate statistics regarding player performances against various kinds of opposition players.

Recorded wins/losses can also be an invaluable source of information when trying to determine how best to forecast an upcoming tennis match. Grand Slam victories, ATP thousand wins at finals, and performances against top 10 ranked opponents all offer indicators on how best to predict an upcoming tennis game.

Experience how players have performed on clay courts, grass carpets and hardcourts indoors and outdoors – plus observe tiebreaks, sets decided by tiebreak and matches against right- or left-handed opponents!

Finding Value Tennis Bets

Research tools such as global rankings for tennis, past head-to-head matches, player profiles and performance stats can all assist with finding value bets on an upcoming tennis match, however without understanding value betting practices all this research could prove futile.

What do the top tennis experts think about today’s matches and for today’s matches? At, expert tennis betting tips can help improve your betting results by following expert tennis tippers (ranked by career earnings). Our most popular tennis tip ranking by profit of tipster can also be seen near the very top right sidebar – these represent tips which have proven themselves as most successful being posted within our community of betting experts. is home to an expert group of tennis tippers from around the world with years of experience providing betting tips around Europe, Asia, North America and even in South America. These tennis experts possess incredible tennis knowledge combined with an in-depth understanding of betting on sports markets across different markets in which we post tips.

Consider Novak Djokovic versus Rafa Nadal on hard courts: his odds are 1.20 (1/5). However, Nadal has been given odds of 4.5 (7/2). Check their previous matches against one another to witness that Novak has won 16 out of their 20 head-to-heads while Rafa has achieved four victories over Djokovic.

Djokovic is an obvious favorite to win this matchup; betting on him could easily pay off. As he has won 16 out of his 20 matches so far, his odds should be 1.25 (1/4) instead of 1.20; Nadal only managed four victories out of 20, so his odds should not exceed 4.50 but rather should be increased to 5.00 (4/1).

Bookies have made odds work to their favor and if you cannot identify an angle of value when placing your bets, don’t make an impulse bet decision.

At closer examination of the stats, one will see that 8 of these matches were three-setters with six ending in the third set – bookmakers are betting 10/11 that this game will be decided in two sets, or 10/11 that it takes three.

Head-to-head data suggests the possibility of three sets being an 1.33 (1/3) shot and two being three one (4.00) shots – this strongly implies it could be an excellent value bet! Of course not every value bet will succeed; but finding these opportunities is the key to long-term profit when betting on tennis.

How To Pick Tennis Winners?

Finding multiple tennis champions shouldn’t be too much of a problem; many matches feature games won by players with small odds. Unfortunately, such bets don’t offer any significant long-term returns; for maximum profitability from tennis betting through value bets will require time and energy investment.

Researching tennis player rankings worldwide, past head-to-heads and player performance data is vitally important. You must put forth effort in finding data that will assist with making informed bets.

Tracking what’s happening within tennis can also be helpful; injuries, changes to coaches or equipment manufacturers could all help sway those numbers more in your favor.

Making money betting on tennis requires dedication and determination, but you could hire a professional gambler and follow his/her advice. is an international tipping platform used by some of the most celebrated professional gamblers around, who offer their knowledge and suggestions via subscription. On Matchstat, our tipsters’ profiles contain key data like their winning percentage, return on investment percentage, average monthly profit and overall profits since joining our service.

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