Mirror as a design element

When we start thinking about the interior of an apartment, house or any room in general, the furniture, vases, cute pillows etc. come to our mind. And one of the most important parts of the decoration is to buy a mirror . They combine not only functionality, but also decorative effect. With the correct selection of mirrors in the room you can place the necessary accents, decorate the space and make it bigger and lighter. Do not be afraid to experiment with the arrangement of rooms.

So let’s talk about the basic rules for decorating.

Shape and size matter. When choosing a form, you should remember that it should be seamlessly combined with other elements of the furniture.

Fill the room with light. Reflective mirrors increase the lighting of the room. For example, if you hang a mirror in front of or near a window the light will reflect.

Decorating. The mirror itself may be an independent element of decor. Unusual mirror frame is a great way to complete a stylish home decoration or add a touch of chic in the interior.

Let’s take a closer look at which mirrors will suit better specific rooms.

Living room

Before you decide to buy a mirror in this room, you need to understand for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of its layout. Using mirrors, you can successfully hide all room defects and highlight the right places. If you buy a large mirror, you can increase the room size and the lighting, set accents.


The first thing that the owners and guests see as they’re entering is the hall. It helps to form the first impression about the house. The mirror in the hallway makes the space bigger and lighter and the beautiful frame will add to the interior special chic. Designers recommend using a long rectangular mirror in the hallway or corridor.


The size of the mirror in this room depends on you. The big one can help to expand its size. But it might be hard to clean the big mirror because of the high humidity of this space.


In bedroom you need to create the most relaxing environment, so mirrors need a smooth shape with a pleasant shade of the frame. And they should be hung the way the sleeping person could not suddenly wake up and see their own reflection or movement.


It’s rare to hang a mirror in the kitchen but if the room is small – the mirror can help. But try to avoid the numerous kitchen stuff in the reflection for not creating a sense of a mess.

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