Rent A Car To Get Around The Capital City Of UAE

To travel to the whole city and all the beautiful destinations you need to book a car through rent a car Abu DhabiUsing this link you can book economy cars or luxury cars and many brands. The rental prices of economy cars are cheap as compare to luxury and SUV vehicles.

That is your choice you choose an economy car or luxury car. If your budget allows you to hire a luxury car that is good for you because in a luxury car you can feel more comfortable. But if your budget does not allow you to hire a luxury car your second choice should be an economy car.

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Below are the different cars rental prices and packages. Choose your favorite one and enjoy your journey.

Nissan Patrol Platinum 2021

Nissan Patrol Platinum 2021 is available in multiple colors that contain black, brown, white, silver, and gray. Choose your favorite color because every color has the same packages and rental prices. It is mean that color does not change the rental prices.

Recently if you are in search of a car to rent for a week or month, in this car Nissan Patrol Platinum 2021 is not a good option for you because this car is available on daily basis. The daily rental price is up to AED 600 with a mileage limit of 300 km.

Nissan Patrol Nismo 2020

Available colors in Nissan Patrol Nismo 2020 are black, white, silver, dark gray, and champagne gold. This car is also available only daily basis. The rental price for a single day is up to AED 599 with a mileage limit of 300 km. mileage limit means a distance limit you cannot cross this limit in one day.

When you want to hire this car you need to pay a 1500 refundable security fee. There are some extras of Salik or toll charges which is AED 5 per toll.

Mini Cooper Countryman S 2019

Choose Mini Cooper Countryman S 2019 in red, green, or black color. The daily rental cost of this car is low as compared to the above 2 mention cars. For one day you can hire this car through Rent a car Abu Dhabi at the price of AED 300. This car has the same mileage limit of 300 km and the same security deposit of AED 1500. You will pay an extra AED 5 per toll.

Nissan Altima 2020

If your budget is low and you still cannot support the rental car up to AED 600 or AED 300. In this case, don’t worry you still have the chance. Book the beautiful blue color Nissan Altima 2020 for one day which has the rental price of just AED 149 with a mileage limit of 250 km.

For the long term, this car has more best for you. The weekly rental price is up to AED 999 with a mileage limit of 1800 km. similarly, the monthly rental price is up to AED 2999 with a mileage limit of 5000 km. don’t cross the mileage limit otherwise, you will pay extra charges of AED 50 per km.

The security deposit of this car is AED 1500 which is refundable at the end of the journey. By hiring the car from Rent a car Abu Dhabi, now you can see all the beauty and attractive places in Abu Dhabi city in a short time.

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