Ronaldo Inter Milan – A tale of the rise to breaking the second world record

The Ronaldo Inter Milan event continues to be one of the most prominent ones that garnered a lot of attention. This young sportsman who had made a remarkable mark in the very start of his career scoring 47 goals in merely 49 games had become the blue-eyed boy for many organizers. He was vouched for joining their teams and thereby guaranteeing their massive win.

However, how many are aware of why Ronaldo Inter Milan never could win the Scudetto. This blog presents a quick run through how Nunez’s loss became Ronaldo’s win in making a place as the best player on the planet with his skill.

Tale of 1997

This dates back to 1997 when the Jose Luis Nunez, the Barcelona team president, had sent Joan Gaspart, his confidante and the future successor to a hotel in Miami where the Brazilian football team was staying. The objective was to persuade the then-teenage striker Ronaldo to become a part of Barca from the PSV Eindhoven.

However, this possible alliance failed to materialize, creating a rift between the Barcelona President and the dynamic player Ronaldo Inter Milan. What was the reason for the fallout and did Ronaldo become a part of Inter Milan? Well, you will find it out in a few minutes:

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Reason for Fallout

While the offer could have materialized, Nunez was too slow to follow up on his promises of upgrading the five-year contract. He later ended up making just a couple of months after Markman’s debut in La-Liga. This very delay was reasoned to be the cause of anger for the Brazilian player and his mini-entourage. Besides, it almost May when the season was to end soon, yet the player hadn’t heard any updates about the offer.

A massive loss

Later Nunez came up with another 10-year contract offer and arranged for a press-conference announcing Ronaldo Inter Milan to be a part of Barcelona. It triggered the player, and he accused the Barcelona President of cheating him for seven months. That was the prime reason for the fallout.

Besides, this was also when Ronaldo’s career shot the sky, making him break the world record for the second in his young career during the Inter Milan. Surely while Nunez watched his counterpart Massimo Moratti rejoice seeing his goal-setter hit hattrick reminded him of his huge loss. Hereon, Ronaldo Inter Milan became the platform for the young footballer’s bright career in sports.

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