Rules and features of table tennis and bets on it

Table tennis is one of the most popular disciplines among bettors along with football, hockey, basketball and tennis. Betting on this discipline requires certain knowledge and skills, the correct use of which can bring stable winnings. Nowadays, even table tennis betting with Bitcoin is possible.

In this article, we will analyze the basic rules of table tennis betting.

Rules and features of table tennis and bets on it

Basic Rules

The game consists in throwing the ball with racket strikes over a net stretched across the table. The match begins with the ball being thrown by one of the players. The one who falls is determined by drawing lots. After hitting the ball with the racket, the projectile must bounce off the table on the server’s side, fly over the net without hitting it, and touch the table on the other side.

When serving, the player, as well as his racket and ball, must be behind the back line of the table. The serve is considered illegal if the ball is served over the table or on the move. In this case, a transfer is scheduled.

Types of sets

The number of sets in table tennis depends on the competition, while it can only be odd. If these are amateur competitions, then the number of games can vary from 3 to 5. At the professional level, 7 sets are played.

To win a match, you need to win more games than your opponent. The set is played until one of the players scores 11 points. If the score is 10-10, then in this case the game continues until the difference is two points.

Features of bets and the game itself

When betting on table tennis, it is necessary to take into account the features of the game itself and the specifics of possible bets on it. Consider the most important aspects:

  • Match format. Depending on the level of competition, meetings can be played up to wins in three or four sets. In matches with a longer format, drops happen more often. You also need to remember that there is always a winner in the game. There are no draw outcomes here, which simplifies the analysis.
  • The weather does not affect the game and the athletes. If in tennis weather conditions can have a strong influence on the course of the game, and sometimes on its result, then in table tennis these factors are completely absent – meetings are held indoors.
  • Discharge. Games are held in singles (male, female), doubles and mixed mixed doubles. Betting on doubles and mixed doubles matches is riskier.
  • Sports for LIVE-bets. Table tennis is designed specifically for live betting because it is one of the most dynamic sports. In a minute, for example, up to three draws can take place, and the odds are constantly changing during matches. The meetings themselves usually end in an hour. Due to this, the sport is popular in live anxnr.

Types of table tennis bets

There are different types of bets in table tennis:

  • set/match winner;
  • handicap on points in a set/match;
  • set handicap;
  • the exact number of sets;
  • accurate score on sets;
  • total points in a game/match;
  • total sets;
  • individual total points in a game/match;
  • odd/even number of points in a set/match.

Where to bet on table tennis

The most popular bookmakers that accept bets on table tennis with Bitcoin:

  1. MyStake
  2. Cloudbet

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