Strategy for betting on individual total offsides in football

Football is constantly evolving, which means that it is necessary to improve betting to continue making money on bets. Today we will look at how playing with three center-backs affects the number of offside positions for the opponent and whether there will be a benefit from regularity when betting.

In recent seasons, there have been more and more triple center-back schemes such as 3-5-2 or 3-4-3. This tactic makes it difficult to create an offside position.

If แทงบอล take the data from the five strongest European leagues, then among the first 15 clubs whose opponents have the least number of offside positions, ten teams play with three central defenders.

It means that it is necessary to bet on the total fewer offside positions in such teams’ fights – both on the total (the whole match) and individual (the opposing teams).

In a scheme with three defenders, one of them is located in the back and cleans up behind the partners, playing mainly on clean balls. Because the last player is closer to the goal than his partners, the opponent is less likely to be caught offside. In a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation, the flanking players sit in line with the three defenders.

To organize an offside position, there must be perfect rapport. The mentioned tactical schemes already know how to pass. Their disadvantage is the half-flanks of protection. The enemy attacks through them, and here it is more challenging to do an offside position than in the center.

By the way, it is for this reason that it is better to bet on individual total less since teams with three center-backs themselves can often find themselves out of the game.

Let’s consider a simple example, although you probably already understood the essence of the technique. We open statistics on offside positions, for instance, of the Italian championship. You can do this on the website, where there is a lot of information, including a chessboard with accurate offside scores.

In Serie A, the leaders in terms of the least number of offside positions among opponents are Inter and Udinese (a little less than one on average) and Lazio (about 1.3). Next, you need to analyze the sporting event and not rely solely on past performance. An additional factor in favor of making a bet is when the team, for which the individual total selects less, will defend. As, for example, SPAL in the match with Inter. Not only do Inter’s rivals rarely get offside, but SPAL is also much weaker and spent most of the time in defense. If the team is at their goal, the chances of being out of the game are lower. It is what happened.

It will be possible to judge the methodology’s effectiveness only after long-term testing; however, you can safely allocate a few percent of the game bank to check the trend. You need to find suitable matches and find the corresponding outcomes in bookmakers.

These are the events that are ideal for betting less on individual offsides total on the opposing team that uses a three-center-back formation.

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