Top 5 Sports a Sports Fan Should Consider Watching

The sports realm is thrilling, epic, and 100% amazing. Even those who do not do sports and rarely dig for professional information can still enjoy a breathtaking show of sports titans’ strength, agility, and performance. Moreover, adding the thrill of sports betting using N1 Bet Casino makes every sports show even better (especially when your expertise wins you extra dollars or euros).

Of course, sports fans appreciate the most popular disciplines like football, basketball, and hockey. Yet, the sports world is much more diverse. If your routine makes you seek new feelings and adrenalin, here are other sports you might enjoy no less than your fav ones. Also, here is the top casino list that lets you find great bookmakers if you desire more amusement.

1. Boxing

The first option is for those sports fans who want a bombastic experience. Boxing is all about power, energy, and pure physical strength. Besides, it is also a perfect choice for those who want to feel the thrill of betting on sports, as huge bets often accompany boxing matches. There are also crypto betting platforms that let you bet on boxing and other sports. 

Moreover, we should never neglect female boxing. Not like that adds grace and beauty to this sport. Likelier, female boxers are super agile and control their bodies like goddesses, making every match an unbelievable dance of energy, vigor, and force. [And yes, I openly prefer watching female boxing; you will not regret it if you have ignored its existence before reading this]

2. Curling

Intense accelerations, speed, and momentums — curling is no less gripping than other sports. With the shiny ice, the weight of a stone, and the accuracy of every throw — curling is a discipline that requires enormous focus, precision, and teamwork. And again, it is great for those looking to try their hand at betting.

3. Darts

Darts should never be the #1 association with smoke-filled bars that sell cheap alcohol. Darts is more of an entertainment for distinguished gentlemen and ladies who enjoy drinking fine wine and placing bets on the accuracy of their throwing abilities. Darts tournaments are held worldwide, with players from all over the globe participating. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. Handball

A quite popular sport in Europe, handball might not be that widely known in other parts of the world. However, it is 100% worth giving a try, as handball combines elements of basketball and football (or soccer, for the Americans).

It is all about team coordination, swift throws, and non-stop running to score a goal. It will be quite fun to watch or even participate in this sport.

5. Water Polo

Last on our list is water polo. It also combines basketball, handball, and even hockey, as players throw a ball into the goal while swimming. Water polo is an extremely dynamic and vigorous sport that will make your heart race with every catch, pass, or goal scored. And let’s not forget about the visual pleasure of watching fit athletes diving and swimming with grace.

Final Words

So, these are our top 5 sports recommendations for a true sports fan. Which one will you start watching next? And don’t forget to check out the best online casino sites to spice up your watching experience with betting. Good luck!

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